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In-app mobile ads grow 100pc in 90 days: InMobi

In-application advertisements grew 100 percent in  90 days, reaching 50 million people in the United States, according to a recent study by InMobi.

The study also found increased use with Android devices, accounting for 35 percent of all mobile ads. Additionally, iPhones made up for 25 percent and RIM devices with almost 14 percent of usage.

?The data speak loudly here, but the fact that in-app advertisements grew 100 percent in just 90 days and now reaches 50 million people in North America on the InMobi network alone is staggering,? said James Lamberti, vice president of global research and marketing at InMobi, San Mateo, CA.

?We view the in-app ad trend as critical to every dimension of the media and advertising world,? he said. ?It's an entertainment-oriented experience that is fundamentally geared to a mutually beneficial advertising model ? meaning consumers get free, valuable quality content in exchange for ads.

?Much like television and print in the twentieth century, apps and their developers will turn advertising into a creative art form where everyone wins.?

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The report saw that in-app ads bring in 50 million United States consumers monthly.

InMobi reported that their network grew by 71 percent and grew2.4 billion impressions in the past three months.

Of the growth, in-application ads contributed to 53 percent of mobile ad impressions.

Forward on mobile
The study  suggests that advertisers need to take mobile seriously and incorporate it into their strategy.

?Waiting on mobile advertising is now becoming a serious risk to brand equity and share,? Mr. Lamberti said.

?When executing in the mobile space, apps must be a key part of the media plan and as a result media planners need to rethink their planning approach,? he said.

?This study is surprising not only because of the phenomenal growth, but what is says about the acceleration away from PC and to mobile among all consumers, not just a select few with iPhones,? he said.