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Mobile video generates 58pc brand recall: study

Mobile video is strong in building brand awareness, especially when compared to television and online components, according to a new study from AdColony and Horizon Media.

The mobile video study looked at the effectiveness of 15-second ads across mobile, TV and online from a consumer-packaged goods brand. The study was commissioned by Nielsen Co.

?Through this study, we learned that the tactile, lean-forward mobile video experience is driving strong performance for brands against key business measures,? said Sarah Bachman, director of mobile strategy at Horizon Media, New York.

?We knew that mobile works well for brands looking to engage consumers, but we wanted to dig deeper to see how well mobile fared relative to other leading mediums in video advertising,? she said. ?As consumers are shifting to mobile, it?s really important to look at a cross-platform advertising approach.?

Cross-platform effectiveness
Compared to the 58 percent brand recall from the mobile component, 12 percent of consumers shown the online ad and 10 percent of users that were shown the TV spot recalled the brand afterwards.

This makes the brand recall from the mobile ads 5.8 times more effective than the TV component and 4.8 times more effective than the online ad.

Other examples of metrics used to measure effectiveness included purchase intent, general recall and ad favorability.

Per the study results, general recall for mobile ads are 2.7 times more effective than online and 1.6 times more effective than TV advertising. General recall is based on the percentage of consumers who were able to remember the major creative elements of the campaign.

Seventy-nine percent of consumers who saw the mobile video had a general recall of the ad. The TV spot had a general recall by 49 percent recall, and the online portion had a 29 percent general recall.

Twenty-four percent of the consumers who viewed the mobile ad expressed ad favorability. Seven percent of both the TV ad and online ad group showed signs of brand favorability.

Small-screen intent
When it comes to purchase intent, 15 percent of consumers who watched the mobile ad were interested in buying the consumer-packaged goods brand. Six percent of users who watched the online ad and four percent of the TV ad group were interested in buying the product.

Per the results, this means that mobile video scored 3.8 times more effective than the TV and 2.5 times stronger than the online ads.

Consumers who could play back the ad?s key message was remembered by 45 percent of the mobile ad group. This is 7.5 times more effective than the message recall from the TV group, which made up 8 percent of consumers surveyed.

?Mobile video is not only effective in driving consumer demand, but also has more impact than TV or online based on the three-screen study we conducted with Nielsen, Horizon Media and a major CPG brand,? said Will Kassoy, CEO of AdColony, Los Angeles.

?Advertising cross-platform demonstrates proven success, and specifically mobile video should play a major role in any cross-screen media strategy,? he said.

?It makes sense given all the market data that points to more and more time spent on mobile devices, but it was great to see that validated and quantified.?

Final Take
Lauren Johnson is associate reporter on Mobile Marketer, New York