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52pc of real estate search impressions come from mobile: study

The real estate industry continues to benefit from mobile searches for queries at a local level, according to a new study from The Search Agency.

The ?Paid Search Trends in Real Estate: Summer 2013? report pulls real estate client data from search engine advertising tools. The 52 percent of total impressions from mobile is a jump from 32 percent in 2012.

?Though the click growth on mobile and tablet is not surprising, the rate of growth is certainly notable,? said Alec Green, vice president of marketing at The Search Agency, Los Angeles.

?While marketers are certainly aware of this growth, spending on desktop versus mobile and tablet is not yet on par with consumer use,? he said. ?Marketers would be wise to reallocate spending to ensure that they in front of user behavior, not behind.?

Intended searches
The report looks at paid search performances across the real estate industry from June, July and August and compares the findings from the same time period in 2012.

The sample includes advertisers that had 15 consecutive months of data from The Search Agency.

The 52 percent of mobile impressions is broken down by 38 percent from smartphones and 14 percent from tablets. Tablet share increased by 250 percent and smartphone share increased by 350 percent.

Tablet impressions grew by 262 percent year-over-year and smartphone impressions grew by 44 percent. Desktop year-over-year impressions decreased by 23 percent.

On weekends, smartphones and tablets make up 59 percent of impressions, and on weekdays mobile accounts for 50 percent of impressions.

As far as clicks, 39 percent of total clicks came from mobile devices in The Search Agency?s report. Tablet clicks increased by 155 percent and smartphone clicks were up 109 percent.

Tablets represented 20 percent of clicks, which is up from 10 percent a year earlier. The remaining 19 percent of clicks came from smartphones.

Smart searchers
The click-through rate on tablets fell to 1.6 percent; it was 2.3 percent in 2012.

Tablet cost-per-clicks decreased 18 percent year-over-year and smartphone cost-per-clicks were down 8.5 percent.

Smartphone click-through rates were up slightly to .6 percent, which is an increase from .4 percent in 2012.

?These findings are around real estate, but we can make some predictions around other sectors as we head into fall and winter seasons,? Mr. Green said.

?For the holidays, retail CPCs in particular increase as more advertisers get into the game,? he said. ?Also, we see more holistic search marketing where retailers are integrating search with product listing ads, particularly on mobile, as PLAs are starting to perform better on mobile devices.?

Final Take
Lauren Johnson is associate reporter on Mobile Marketer, New York