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86pc do not recall brand when viewing one of most popular static banner ad sizes: report

The results are from a report commissioned by the design-driven mobile advertising provider called ?Answering the Call for Better Mobile Advertising Experiences,? which presents so many statistics for the aging of design paradigms in advertising that it is itself almost tantamount to an argument for advancement. The report?s tenor comes as no surprise, as Yieldmo offers marketers a dynamic mobile advertising format.

?Consumers must know that better mobile advertising experiences do exist,? said Lucas Piazza, director of marketing at Yieldmo. ?When mobile ads are respectful to their mobile behaviors, creative and engaging, and relevant to their interests, advertising can be helpful to their purchase journeys, rather than frustrating. 

?While their mobile phones are still largely polluted by bad ads, they should know that the advertising and media industries have started cleaning up the mess, and they can expect that to accelerate in the coming year(s). Examples include companies like Yieldmo designing experiences for their enjoyment, the IAB revising their standard ad portfolio, the creation of the Coalition for Better Ads, and Google punishing publishers that utilize mobile interstitials?

Aging ads
The study, which was executed by independent usability research firm Applause, surveyed nearly 400 U.S. consumers on their perceptions around standard mobile ad formats (interstitial/pop-up, pre-roll video, static 300x250 and adhesion banner formats) and the effect of more innovative, better-designed mobile ad formats.

The study also assessed unaided brand recall, advertiser and publisher brand favorability and purchase intent.

The study found that 66 percent of consumers preferred better designed mobile ad experiences and found the current state of mobile ads to be ?frustrating, disruptive and boring.? 

Yieldmo also reported that one of the most common sizes of banner ads, the 300x250 ?medium rectangle,? was so forgettable in its static form that over 86 percent of respondents incorrectly recalled the advertiser brand, making it the worst performing format in terms of unaided brand recall.

The report also endeavored to examine specific categories of consumer: When segmenting by age group, the report showed that millennials were slightly more amenable to better-designed mobile ads, compared to Gen X and young baby boomers. Millennials especially preferred a better designed and more user-friendly format (like Yieldmo?s) over the standard 300x250 format (77 percent vs. 63 percent for Gen X / Boomers), ?suggesting that younger audiences are tired of the standard, static rectangular ad format,? said Alex Fu, senior director of insights at Yieldmo. 

?Further, when seeing better-designed formats, Millennials were more likely to recall the advertiser brand, meaning that younger audiences not only prefer user-friendly formats, but they also will retain brand messages better if presented with better ad formats.?

Advertising advancement
Judging from the tenor of consumer and marketer sentiment, it may be time for a paradigm shift within mobile and digital advertising as a whole. An executive from inMobi at the MMA SM2 Innovation Summit 2016 discussed the rise of mobile video and provided strategies brands can use to make the most of the format?s surge in popularity, including advising for shorter content lengths to engage users better (see story). 

And Facebook has finally launched its dynamic ads feature aimed toward driving mobile application installs, and brands such as are already starting to see the effects (see story). 

?Brand marketers must understand that they have choices when it comes to the mobile ad formats they rely on to reach their mobile audiences,? Mr. Piazza said. ?They can choose to represent their brands with ad formats that consumers describe as boring (300x250 and adhesion banners) and frustrating (interstitials and pre-roll video), or they can deliver a great first impression with mobile ad formats that are perceived as innovative and engaging?these are the formats that Yieldmo builds and that our research reveals two-thirds of consumers want. 

?Furthermore, brand marketers must know that these formats are not just preferred by customers, but can also provide higher unaided brand awareness, increase likelihood to purchase, and grow brand favorability.?