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App installs boom during the holidays: report

To gauge the potential growth of mobile marketing, a new report looks at the successes marketers saw last year with shopping apps, which saw a spike in app installs that was between 150 and 175 percent larger than average, according to Dot Com Infoway.

The report took a look at app behavior in the fourth quarter of 2015 to analyze how customers interacted with them. DCI found that as shopping transactions rose, apps rode the wave and saw similar spikes in installs and uses.

?As the world goes digital, the holidays are intrinsically linked to more time spent on mobile apps," said C.R. Venkatesh, CEO of Dot Com Infoway. "As e-tailers predict a giant push in activity during the holiday season, most of this activity will be driven through mobile devices. 

"It is thus imperative for app owners and marketers to cash in on the holiday spirit.? 

Holiday boost
As marketers and brands continually turn to mobile apps as the ideal way to interact with consumers and drive traffic.

DCI was aware of that propensity and took it upon itself to study how exactly app behavior changed and grew over the course of last year?s holiday season to provide a better insight into this year?s holiday season for mobile marketers.

To do this, DCI took a look at app install data and purchase data for the end of 2015 from a wide variety of popular apps and mobile devices.

The report divides the data between iOS devices and Android devices ? the two most popular operating systems in the mobile world right now.

Overall, the holiday season had the greatest effect on mobile apps on the iOS platform. There, consumers installed new apps at 175 percent higher rate than the rest of the year.

Android was no slouch either however. On that platform, apps were installed at a 150 percent higher rate than normal.

The report also found that users were more likely to make purchases through a shopping app with a 60 percent increase for iOS and 42 percent increase for Android in that regard.

App marketing
DCI found in its report that during the holiday season, consumers are much more active on their mobile devices than in other parts of the year.

This can be attributed to a number of factors, not the least of which is that consumers have more free time during the holidays and are doing more shopping as they buy holiday presents for their friends and family.

Many brands, whether aware of this data or not, have already begun making use of the holiday season to market their apps. Some, such as Honda, have begun using the holiday season as a jumping off point for marketing campaigns (see story).

Facebook also released the newest addition to its dynamic ads platform ? which is geared towards app installs ? at the perfect time to take advantage of the holiday seasonal app boom (see story).

With the holiday season fully in sway, brands should watch out for how the app market changes this year and compare it to last year?s for even more insight.

?The infographic by DCI comes at an opportune time to help app owners make the most of the Christmas cheer,? Mr. Venkatesh said.