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Consumers want more mobile banking: Study

CashEdge's fourth annual Consumer Online Banking survey finds that more than 32 percent of those surveyed would use mobile banking technology if their bank offered it.

The survey polled more than 850 consumers age 18 and older who use online banking. Respondents described themselves as bank customers, credit union members and customers of direct or virtual banks.

"Consumers today are demonstrating an increasing demand for simple, secure person-to-person payment services," said Neil Platt, senior vice president and general manager of U.S. Banking at CashEdge Inc., New York.

"The results of the survey indicated that the preference by consumers to get these services from their financial institution, rather than an independent service such as PayPal," he said.

"Online banking has become a mainstream application for consumers," Mr. Platt said.

The survey says 81 percent of respondents currently access their financial institution online at least four imes per month.

Eighty-nine percent expressed a desire to ultimately move all banking and financial transactions online.

But, what about mobile banking?

"This year's survey demonstrates that consumers are interested in mobile banking and would use it to conduct a variety of banking functions," Mr. Platt said.

If offered by their bank, more than 32 percent of respondents would use mobile banking technology.

Respondents were interested in several mobile banking capabilities.

Ninety-five percent want access to account balances, 79 percent want the ability to transfer money between accounts housed at the same bank, 72 percent would like the ability to pay bills, 41 percent the ability to transfer money between accounts at different banks and 35 percent want the ability to send money to third parties.

"These results show a consumer base that is ready and open to the introduction of mobile banking services, particularly those that replicate the features and functionality of the online experience," Mr. Platt said.

Mr. Platt said mobile marketers need to move quickly to respond to today's consumer because of the demand for money movement services.

"With more than 70 million individuals currently banking online, consumers clearly rely on the convenience and security of the online banking channel," Mr. Platt said. "Growing consumer demand for online and mobile payment services combined with their trust and usage of online banking provides a compelling opportunity for banks and marketers alike."

"The overall trend towards mobile is evident across many industries today, especially banking," he said. "This trend directly reflects the desire of the consumer to consume products and services on their own terms. Consumers want options so they can decide what is most convenient for them."