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Android doubles smartphone traffic in 6 months: AdMob

In the United States, Google?s Android had 20 percent of the smartphone traffic, up from 7 percent six months before, according to AdMob?s October 2009 metrics report.

The report also found that new BlackBerry devices from Research In Motion are generating an increasing percentage of total requests for the platform. RIM?s BlackBerry Tour, the new Curve 8900 and Curve the 8520 are gaining traffic.

?AdMob?s October 2009 Mobile Metrics Report looks at the top mobile operating systems and the devices that run on them,? said Nicole Leverich, director of corporate communications at AdMob, San Mateo, CA. ?New devices from RIM and Android are generating an increasing percentage of the total number of requests for those platforms.?

AdMob is one of the world's largest mobile advertising networks and it serves more than 7.1 billion mobile banner and text ads per month. The company was recently acquired by Google for $750 million in stock (see story).

The ad network stores and analyzes handset and carrier data from every ad request in its network and aggregates that data for the metrics report.

Android steps it up
One of RIM?s older models, the BlackBery Pearl 8100, saw its traffic decrease from 28 percent in April to 16 percent in October. The Curve 8300 maintained its 44 percent share over the last six months.

AdMob said that requests from Android devices increased 5.8 times since April and that the HTC Dream has seen strong growth over the past six months.

The report found that 70 percent of Apple user requests came from the iPhone while the remaining 30 percent came from the iPod touch.

According to the report, the top Symbian and Windows Mobile devices have not changed in 2009 and both platforms have lost smartphone share.

Nokia's touch screen model, the 5800 XpressMusic, became one of the few newcomers to the list of Top 20 Symbian devices in 2009.

The Motorola CLIQ for T-Mobile generated 6 percent of Android traffic on Nov. 18.

The top five handset models in order of request percentage are Apple?s iPhone, Apple?s iPod touch, HTC?s Dream, Samsung?s R450 and RIM?s BlackBerry 8300.

The HTC Magic and HTC Dream were both top-10 devices. 

In Britain, the HTC Dream, HTC Magic and HTC Hero are all top-10 devices in the AdMob network

Ms. Leverich said that Motorola?s Droid launch on Verizon Wirless was a surprising finding in the report.

?The Motorola Droid already represented 24 percent of all Android requests in AdMob's network on Nov. 18, just two weeks after it launched,? Ms. Leverich said.