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Fox Mobile adds vertical paid search to Jamba, Jamster

Fox Mobile Distribution's consumer brand content sites Jamba and Jamster have deployed the MCN's allwords vertical paid search programs across multiple markets worldwide.

The service will initially launch with the search results of carriers in Thailand and Sweden and later extend to other regions across the United States, Europe and Asia. The target demographic for Jamba and Jamster is all consumers who access digital content over mobile devices, particularly teenagers and young adults.

"This partners MCN's vertical paid search program, allwords, with Fox Mobile's content sales initiatives," said Stephen Burke, senior vice president of marketing for MCN, Tokyo, Japan. "The idea is that starting in Thailand and Sweden, users will be connected through MCN's highly focused search offering to Fox Mobiles' Jamba and Jamster content sites.

"It will expand to other regions in due course," he said.

MCN is a provider of search management, search merchandising and PPC vertical paid search programs designed for mobile content promotion.

"MCN connects high-value users who are looking for specific digital content to consume," Mr. Burke said. "This partnership will increase the volume and quality of actionable users to their sites, thus driving increased content sales.

"By including Fox Mobile content results contextually into consumers' searching and browsing activities, increased digital content distribution will be the end result," he said.

MCN is focused on what it calls "search merchandising," with the goal of creating direct, profitable connections between mobile consumers and the content they want on their phones.

In addition to Fox Mobile's Jamba and Jamster, MCN's client roster includes nearly 200 content providers.

MCN's goal is to deliver higher click-throughs and conversions for both subscription and download services.

Fox Mobile Distribution is a provider of mobile entertainment. It operates in 38 countries and in more than 20 languages.

A unit of Fox Mobile Group, Fox Mobile Distribution claims to be the mobile content industry's largest vertically integrated company.

Fox Mobile Group is wholly owned by Rupert Murdoch's News Corp.

With more than 30 carrier and portal partners reaching 300 million mobile consumers, MCN specializes in mobile content and commerce discovery and transactions.

MCN's partners include NTT DoCoMo, Yahoo Mobile, Nokia WidSets, Thailand's AIS, DTAC and TrueMove, Scandinavia's Tele2, Elisa and DNA, Turkey's Avea and SMART Communications of the Philippines.

"We will be announcing a partnership with a major U.S. carrier this year," Mr. Burke said.

MCN allwords is a performance-based pay-per-click vertical paid search program designed specifically for mobile content providers selling premium content in categories such as music, images, games, video and shopping.

Linked to MCN's Federated Search platform that connects in real-time to relevant content sources, allwords provides measurable feedback on consumer behavior and brand support with a single purchase of all keywords in a given content category.

"MCN allwords is focused on providing digital content distributors with a program for promoting their high-value content directly into search results on operator and portal search results pages," Mr. Burke said.