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IBM exec: Growing demand for 24/7 mobile connectedness

SAN DIEGO ? An IBM executive at the MobileCon conference said that the mobile and social media revolution is changing the way consumers interact with marketers. 

During the ?Mobile Collaboration for your Social Business? session, the executive addressed how social media is changing for the better. Social media is gradually being integrated into mobile marketing campaigns for marketers to further interact with users.

?Leaders in every industry are leveraging social business technology to disrupt their industries and create competitive advantage,? said Michael Green, client technical professional of collaboration solutions at IBM. 

?Social and mobile equals a powerful combination for businesses,? he said. ?Businesses need to pay attention and leverage that social element of today?s consumer.

Social awareness
According to Mr. Green, it is important that marketers build, connect, manage, secure, extend and transform their mobile initiatives.

It is important for marketers to support as many mobile devices and platforms as possible to reach a broad audience.

By incorporating social into the mix, companies are able to connect with consumers on a deeper level.

Nowadays, everything mobile is inherently social.

Marketers who do not have a social effort of any kind are missing out on a big opportunity.

Building up
Marketers are increasingly adding Facebook and Twitter into their mobile campaigns as a new way to reach consumers.

Most recently, companies have also begun integrating Instagram and Pinterest.

Social media will play even more of an impact next year when more companies realize its full potential.

?Our vision is to be able to give you the information you want on any device you want,? Mr. Green said. ?When we talk about building these apps, there?s two schools of thought.

?The first is mobile applications, which provide a experience that takes full advantage of the mobile device and it?s ecosystem,? he said. ?The downside is that you have to have a dedicated and task-focused app.

?The second way is multichannel Web sites, which provide a consistent and integrated Web experience across multiple channels, but you need to aggregate multiple applications.? 

Final Take