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Juicy Couture customers promote new line by posting selfies

Juicy Couture is promoting the launch of the new line of clothing Juicy Sport through a partnership with the Snaps mobile application that lets consumers share photos with Juicy content overlaid on top.

The Snaps app lets consumers add virtual content to photos and share them with friends. Juicy Couture is sponsoring branded content that will be available for Snaps users to add to their photos.

?We launched Juicy Couture Sport to further solidify the brand as a lifestyle brand, creating products for our customers to wear in all aspects of their life,? said Michelle Ryan, vice president of global digital and social strategy for Juicy Couture, New York.

?One of our sayings for the collection is ?Works out to look good, and looks good to work out,?? she said. ?As we've all seen the popularity of the selfie rise, it was the perfect pairing to partner with Snaps app to help take your gym selfie to the next level.

?The partnership integrates a series of our Juicy Couture Sport mottos and sayings, as well as the new Juicy Couture Sport heart logo and Green Juice and Champagne stickers to overlay on photos. There's even an augmented reality function, which allows users to virtually try on select products within Snaps, including tank tops, watches and back packs.?

Using the Snaps app, Juicy fans can take a photo on their phone and customize it with 17 different graphic and text options. For instance they can add ?Gym in the AM, Party in the PM? or "Green juice in the AM, Champagne in the PM".

Consumers can then share these photos across social media or via email.

Snaps also contains an internal newsfeed of photos and lets consumers follow friends, celebrities and artists.

The Snaps app is available for free download in Apple?s App Store or Google Play.

For Juicy, the Snaps partnership not only lets users share Juicy photos in a fun and engaging way, but it also lets users try on some of the clothing in the Sport line by overlaying it onto photos. This augmented reality feature can help consumers avoid having to return items that do not fit properly without having to actually go into a physical fitting room.

Photo sharing
The notion of sharing photos has erupted across social media, with consumers sharing photos of friends and family as well as selfies.

A number of marketers have tapped into the trend as a way to drive consumer engagement and build a social media presence (see story).

Similar to Instagram, Snaps is sort of a middleman in between the consumer and the social Web, allowing consumers to edit and change photos before posting.

Juicy is leveraging this middle step to put its name on photo-sharing to build brand awareness and specifically promote its new line.

?Juicy Couture, as a brand, has a very dedicated and loyal social following online,? Ms. Ryan said. ?From our 300,000 plus Instagram followers, to our almost 2.5 million Facebook fans, they love to interact and engage with the brand every day from all over the world.

?Our social sharing across Facebook, Twitter, Intstagram, Pinterest and Tumblr allows us to connect to Juicy fans, everywhere in the world, from the palm of their hand while Snaps gives everyone the opportunity to try on the collection virtually and share their photos with their friends and family,? she said.

Final Take
Rebecca Borison is editorial assistant on Mobile Marketer, New York