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Paige Denim Instagram contest inserts brand into consumers' vacation plans

Apparel brand Paige Denim and online retailer Revolve Clothing teamed up for a vacation-inspired Instagram contest that gathers user-generated content and spreads awareness of the Paige Denim summer collection.

Lasting about a day, the contest requested grid photos of consumers? packed suitcases, and asked entrants to tell the brand where they are going on vacation and what they are packing. Consumers were encouraged to include Paige Denim items in submissions and had to use the hashtag #PackingWithPaige. 

?Brands are seeking user-generated content as a way to strengthen brand advocacy,? said Vanessa Horwell, chief visibility officer at ThinkInk, Miami. ?Through social media sites like Instagram, brands are able to amplify word-of-mouth marketing with some of their most loyal consumers and generate consumer interactions that provide an authentic, emotional perspective.  

?Whether it's positive or negative, user-generated content means the consumer cared enough to say something about the brand's product or service,? she said. ?That feedback is critical and enables brands to get a clearer understanding of who their consumers really are.?

Ms. Horwell is not affiliated with Paige Denim but agreed to comment as an industry expert.

Paige Denim did not comment by press deadline.

Packing with Paige
Below the announcement of the contest, Paige Denim provided step-by-step instructions that included tagging and following the two brands. The brand also mentioned when the winners would be announced. 

The contest received 120 posts on Instagram. 

On June 23, Revolve Clothing announced the winners by reposting partial images of those submitted. 

Winners needed to check their direct inboxes if their image was posted and should have received a message from the brands. Winners received items from Paige Denim?s summer collection.

This contest taps into summer vacation plans and appeals directly to consumers who want to be recognized by a preferred brand. 

Seasonal targeting
Instagram contests have been prevalent among brands aiming to promote their summer collections.

Kate Spade launched an Instagram campaign to jumpstart Memorial Day weekend and the unofficial start of summer.

By simply tagging @KateSpadeNY and #TravelColorfully, contestants become eligible to win a generous gift card of $250 all the meanwhile sharing vacation photos. The contest goes through Aug. 28 and works to build a community among its followers (see story).

Similarly, apparel and accessories brand Rebecca Minkoff began a sweepstakes giveaway opportunity on May 28 for a pair of tickets to New York's Governors Ball festival.

To push the festival-inspired clothing that Rebecca Minkoff offers, the brand welcomed Instagram posts tagged #RMGovBall to be eligible, but given such a small window of time may have prevented an abundance of submissions. The Governors Ball Music Festival is a three-day event at Randall?s Island Park in New York City hosting musical performances of numerous styles, restaurant participation and food trucks and other fun activities (see story).

The key to a successful Instagram campaign is keeping it fun and light, according to Ms. Horwell.

?Instagram is the ideal platform for a brand looking to drive an emotional connection with its fans and consumers as it enables marketers to create easily digestible, visually appealing campaigns,? Ms. Horwell said. 

?Paige Denim's fun, aspirational campaign is successful because it recognizes consumers? habits of sharing photos of their travels, engages them with content that capitalizes on that trend and through Instagram, motivates specific behaviors.?

Final Take
Caitlyn Bohannon, editorial assistant for Mobile Marketer, New York