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United Way of New York City leverages lettrs' SocialStamps for fundraising

United Way of New York City is among the brands and charities leveraging social media messaging mobile application lettrs?? new SocialStamps? feature that enables marketers to embed promotions on data-driven, digital messages sent through the network.

The lettrs app is a global messaging app designed to connect, inspire and power messages that matter in 80 languages. lettrs is attempting to entice advertisers with sponsored SocialStamps, available for private or public messages distributed through its platform and shareable on all major social network apps and sites.

?Consumers can now personalize their letters with a stamp that expresses their personality or represents a cause, brand or person they like or admire. We are making a wide tapestry of expressive stamps available,? said Drew Bartkiewicz, founder and CEO of lettrs, New York.

?The social, dynamic stamps attach to the message in a permanent and clever fashion. Consumers can choose a vintage stamp, a designer stamp or a branded stamp that increasingly will carry promotions and incentives to use the stamp in the future.

?This month, consumers can use the stamps for their holiday greetings, with the added benefit of raising awareness and charitable dollars for organizations of note by sharing and activating the social stamps on the lettrs network.?

Digital stamps
United Way of New York City is joining in on lettrs? fundraising efforts by offering a commemorative holiday stamp for well-wishers using the social media platform. Each time the United Way stamp is used, $.25 will be donated to the charitable organization, up to a total donation of $5,000.

United Way of New York City believes that partnering with lettrs is an ideal way of optimizing mobile strategy and reaching the wide audience of millennial supporters and smartphone users.

lettrs is offering marketers customizable digital stamps in the hopes of helping them deepen relationships with consumers through tasteful and fun messages. The social media app is also rolling out a 2014 Persons of Note SocialStamp series featuring influential individuals such as Indian prime minister Narendra Modi and ABC News correspondent and Bob Woodruff Foundation co-founder, Bob Woodruff himself.

The social media platform will fund donations totaling up to $25,000 to United Way and Persons of Note-affiliated causes.

To use a SocialStamp, a lettrs user can visit their profile, select one of the letter options on the bottom toolbar, dictate or type a message before electronically signing and then choose any of the many available postage stamps.

Messages can be customized by background and font, and posted publicly or privately.

Increased exposure
The charities and brands taking part in the SocialStamp holiday series are certain to receive widespread exposure to a slew of potential consumers, due to lettrs? presence on all social media networks.

Another enticing factor for marketers is the ability to embed promotions in the SocialStamps and have users activate them on messages within the network.

?For marketers, lettrs SocialStamps offer a brand-new creative space for distributed new media on top of a messaging platform that translates letters in 80 languages, across 174 countries,? Mr. Bartkiewicz said. ?Over time, marketers can track each stamp's performance and make adjustments in their ?stamp strategy? to engage customers in a new dimension of social media.

?The proprietary API technology of the lettrs stamp system will provide opportunities for co-marketing, campaigning and promotions not previously accessible in any social network.?

lettrs? goal is to be the messaging platform with personality, purpose and permanence.

?These first-ever social stamps use a technology architecture that allows audio, commerce and even video to be integrated into a social messaging platform, appealing to users across borders,? Mr. Bartkiewicz said.

Final Take
Alex Samuely is an editorial assistant on Mobile Marketer, New York