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Pinnacle celebrates social engagement with Promoted Tweets, holiday recipes

Vodka brand Pinnacle is diving deep into social with Promoted Tweets, interactive videos and New Year's recipes, hoping to keep the brand top of mind as consumers ring in 2015. 

It is becoming imperative for brands to be active on social and interact with their followers. These efforts can help drive direct sales and encourage consumers to include brands? products in their lives during special occasions.

?Pinnacle?s efforts are very much on track, said Todd Herrold, senior director of product marketing for Kenshoo, San Francisco. ?Pinnacle has done a nice job utilizing hashtags to make their posts searchable while tying their ads into the spirit of New Years. 

?By incorporating keywords into their post text, they make their content searchable while amplifying engagement by incorporating a great deal of creative and highly visual content which Twitter users enjoy,? he said. ?These elements are the foundation of any successful Twitter campaign.?

Doubling down on social
Pinnacle?s Promoted Tweet includes a video recipe showing viewers how to make a hot chocolate peppermint drink with Pinnacle Whipped Vodka. The brand has named the drink ?Pinnacle Naughty List Hot Chocolate.?

Pinnacle is also encouraging social users to ?get inspired? by visiting its Pinterest page at

The vodka brand hopes to stay connected in the holiday conversation with tweets surrounding the celebration of the New Year.

A recent tweet from Pinnacle?s Twitter account said, ?Best served with confetti, champagne and countdowns. #cocktails #NewYearsEve.?

Pinnacle also recently shared a recipe for Peppermint punch, which included an interactive image with the recipe in the tweet.

Drinking in mobile
This year, alcoholic beverage brands have used mobile in different ways to promote their products.

For example, wine shopping mobile application Hello Vino is teaming with car service Uber to launch the ?Safe Ride Home? campaign during the holidays to offer rides home to users who may have been drinking.

Upon Uber?s recent $40 billion valuation, many brands are initiating campaigns with the car service app to promote safe driving and convenience between apps. Hello Vino is also attempting to build its own reputation by linking with Uber (see story). 

Also, Bud Light and Budweiser are among big beer brands that have poured more than $23 million into YouTube videos in the past year to engage millennials who favor craft brews, according to a report from Strike Social.

Bud Light drank up the most YouTube views for its videos - 120 million - and had 15.4 million earned views, while companion brand Budweiser achieved the highest level of engagement, 57.2 million earned views on 106 million total views. The statistics reflect how brand marketers are grasping that reaching the important millennial demographic requires engaging them on mobile and in a place close to their hearts ? YouTube (see story).

?Twitter is a good location for these campaigns as Twitter users are accustomed to searching the site via hashtags and keywords to return relevant content and information,? Mr. Herrold said. ?Compared to an outlet like Facebook where users ask their friends for recommendations, Twitter?s publicly available posts make it a great platform for global information searches. 

?Of course brands should consider using both Twitter and Facebook in a complementary fashion to ensure they?re capturing as much of their target audiences as possible in their preferred channel,? he said. ?Twitter?s keyword targeting capabilities will deliver ads to searchers whereas Facebook uses interest targeting to deliver relevant content to users, making them distinct and complementary options for advertisers.?

Final Take
Caitlyn Bohannon is an editorial assistant on Mobile Marketer, New York