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M&Ms modernizes classic themes with mobile for anniversary campaign

The candy brand is celebrating its 75 anniversary with a variety of mobile and social media offerings, focusing on a new interpretation of the classic song Candy Man with a live debut on periscope and tweets from the iconic Red and Yellow characters. Fans will be able to engaged with interactive content such as download the new song, vote for the newest product and submit questions for musicians Zedd and Aloe Blacc on Twitter. 

"Social and digital media are the centerpiece of our 75th Anniversary campaign as the various platforms that we leverage allow us to seamlessly engage our fans, whether they are in New York or Nebraska, to participate in the celebration with the hashtag #celebratewithm," said Tanya Berman, senior marketing director at M&M?S Brand. "There is literally dozens of activities that will take place in social media throughout the year from the opportunity to download the reimagined Candyman song by Aloe Blacc and Zedd to following the No. 18 M&M?S Camry during NASCAR races especially during the 75th lap, with the hashtag #mms7"

M&M mobile modernization 

Followers on Twitter were directed to multiple live streams featuring the artist including one partnership with Buzzfeed, which treated viewers to a live performance of the song. A few videos, which will also air as television spots feature famous M&M characters Red and Yellow, as they attempt to record their version of the song that does not go so well. 

Tweets and posts on various social media pages are shared from the perspective of the characters such as ?get my agent on the phone, my music career is about to take off? and ?I am obviously a great DJ, but think we can agree that @Zedd can create some pretty good beats.?

 Social media users will also be able to share their insight on which idea should be M&M?s next limited product from choices such as Chili Nut, Honey Nut and Coffee Nut. 

Digital media marketing
JCPenney also coupled social media marketing with television spots to put the focus on its range of quality brands, hoping to change the way consumers think about the retailer and supporting the new Get Your Penney?s Worth promotion (see more). 

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"The overarching goals for social and digital media are tied to reach and relevance," Ms. Berman said.