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GE, Sour Patch Kids, Mountain Dew jump on Snapchat's interactive emojis

Snapchat is rolling out a unique new feature in which users can place an emoji on a specific object within a video and it will stay there even if the object or camera moves. GE, Sour Patch Kids and Mountain Dew are among the brands that have quickly introduced content for the update, with each video unique to the brand itself, such as Sour Patch Kids taking a cheeky, taunting approach and GE tapping into science. 

?This execution plays on the FOMO (fear of missing out) emotion that our teen demo experiences quite often, especially when it comes to technology,? said Wesley Saraceni, brand manager at Sour Patch Kids. ?Because Snapchat released this specific update to Android users first, we saw an opportunity to play up the exclusivity of the new functionality, knowing iOS users among our teen demo are eagerly awaiting the Apple update. 

?Our Snapchat story connects the Sour Patch Kids brand to our target audience by talking to them the same way they talk to each other,? he said. ?Through a solid understanding of how our demo behaves and a constant pulse on the evolution of pop culture, we're able to insert Sour Patch Kids into conversations in a natural way that celebrates our unique sour then sweet brand personality.?

Snapping success
Sour Patch Kids took to Snapchat to tease iPhone users on the new update, as Snapchat first rolled out the feature to Android devices while Apple users had to wait. The brand?s video showcased two paper puppet versions of Sour Patch Kids, hopping across a yard with emojis as faces. 

The two emojis, a smiley with hearts for eyes and a winking face with its tongue sticking out, stayed on the Sour Patch Kids? faces as they moved throughout the frame. Text with the video read ?I got the new update, jealous?,? teasing users without the new feature. 

GE showed off its Snapchat skills while also celebrating the White House Science Fair by introducing a special edition of its Emoji Science through someone writing the intro with a pencil and paper, along with fitting emojis fastening to the pencil and hand. While completing an experiment, GE placed coinciding emojis on items being used, such as a cow?s face on milk and a water droplet on soap. 

?Moveable emoji stickers are another great tool for people and brands to leverage in content creation,? said Sydney Williams, global digital and social media marketing manager at GE. ?The update is very relevant to GE's Emoji Science program: a fun, relatable and informative way of translating science around a variety of topics that are important to the brand and its audience.?

Climbing Snapchat mountain
Another video from Mountain Dew showcases a man sitting on a bench with a sad face emoji covering his face, when a friend appears with a happy emoji covering his face. The happy friend hands the sad friend an emoji of a present, which appears in the next clip as a Mountain Dew.
?DEW uses Snapchat, and the new 3D moving emojis feature, as a vehicle to be where the brand?s cross-cultural male millennial consumers are,? said Stinson Parks, digital marketing manager at Mountain Dew. ?Snapchat offers our fans a raw, unedited look into the world of DEW and allows them to have more of a unique and personal experience with the brand than they do on any other social channel. 

?We have become engrained in our fans? story feed, with Snapchat stories allowing us to produce quick, punchy pieces of content that resonate with our target,? he said. ?We will continue to creatively leverage Snapchat 3D moving emojis and other first-to-market innovations and evolutions on Snapchat as a way of telling impactful stories that resonate with our fans.?