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Fairlife milk appeals to teenagers with comedic social media tropes

Premium milk brand Fairlife is tapping into The Onion?s satirical comedic theme in an attempt to market directly to teens for a soon-to-be-launched chocolate milk brand with a social media-fueled video campaign that urges viewers to do nothing. 

Milk manufacturer is taking to all the major social media platforms to reach its 16 to 20 year-old demographic with content that fits well on each individual channel. The comedic campaign, developed in partnership with Onion Labs, is encouraging consumers to take time out their day to do nothing, a theme likely to attract the young audience prior to the new brand, Yup!, launch. 

?Yup!'s target is 16-20, so social media is critical to everything we do,? said Julie Scott, vice president and general manager at Onion Labs. ?We know with this audience, we need to reach them in channels where they already are and provide a variety of ways they can experience and interact with the brand. 

?Whether that is through social content on Facebook and Instagram or a robust media campaign with social overlays where they can deepen their engagement with the brand,? she said. 

Native social video
The new chocolate milk brand will debut in August, and Fairlife is hoping to ramp up awareness before it hits shelves. A series of mobile videos will launch on Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, along with campaign images. 

The funny video shows a man holding a Yup! bottle and tossing onto a table, where it then lands in a disappointing manner on its side. The crowd is disappointed, but the stuntman informs them to ?wait for it.?

Other videos follow a mock PSA format, advertising the importance of the Nothing Hour, urging consumers to take an hour out of their day to do what they want to do instead of things they have to do such as browsing their phones, playing guitar and practicing nunchucks. The brand is promoting the campaign through the hashtag #NothingHour.

Social media comedy
Simillarly, TBS recreated the fun of its cop parody series Angie Tribeca on social media by tapping into common tropes with mock Facebook DIY videos, Instagram memes, interactive Snapchat lenses and inspirational Pinterest quotes, for the network's biggest social media campaign to date (see more). 

Also, Unilever called out ads built around always-sexy guys in an irreverent mobile-first effort delivering surprise customized videos and showcasing how Axe can make users cool, even when they are not (see more). 

Social media and comedy have been boasting well for brands trying to attain the attention of younger demographics. 

?Most chocolate milk brands are targeting moms and young children,? Ms. Scott said. ?As we developed this campaign, we thought about the big kid audience. 

?They have a lot going on in life from school, sports, activities, college-prep, etc., which leaves limited time to just sit back and relax,? she said. ?The Yup! campaign is about taking a break from all of that and rewarding yourself with some time to do nothing, and simply enjoy a bottle of Yup!?