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L'Oréal Paris holds diverse omnichannel influencer campaign

The latest in a series of moves undertaken by the beauty retailer on the mobile platform, L'Oréal Paris is debuting an omnichannel campaign that includes influencers from various strata of celebrity.

The Your Skin, Your Story campaign is being rolled out in assistance to L'Oréal Paris? True Match foundation line, and its ethos is being described as one ? that celebrates the intrinsic worth and beauty of everyone,? according to the company. Inspired by the 33 shades of True Match, Your Skin, Your Story champions the unique mosaic of American beauty and encapsulates the brand?s memorable slogan, ?You?re worth it.?

"It is more important than ever for beauty brands to tap into the diverse backgrounds of their consumers to create content that's authentic and relevant," said Jeff Ragovin, chief growth officer at Social Native. "Gone are the days where all consumers have the same advertising experience. 

"With the advancements in technology, both in access to content and data on individual consumers, brands like L'Oreal can now create and distribute personalized content for all consumers. By featuring a variety of individuals in the True Match campaign, L'Oreal is celebrating the power of beauty and individuality in an industry that craves authenticity."

Your Skin, Your Story
In support of this initiative, L'Oréal Paris is releasing various installments of campaign content, each of which features an individual that the company believes to be representative a facet of this growing conception of beauty. Featured are an artist and artisan native to Nepal; an American transgender model, actress and writer; a travel and food lifestyle blogger from Hawaii and a millennial male model of Caribbean descent, among others. 

Each of the individuals featured share their unique heritage and skin story in the campaign, which premiered on traditional media on January 8 during the 74th Annual Golden Globe Awards. 

Also featured in Your Skin, Your Story are some recognizable names, including actress Blake Lively, models Lara Stone, Alexina Graham, Xiao Wen and Darnell Bernard, and lifestyle influencer Cipriana Quann. Additionally, advocates for progress in body diversity Sabina Karsson and Marquita Pring, along with transgender model and trans rights activist Hari Nef are featured in the campaign.

Created by McCann New York and directed by Loic Maes and Jonathan Lia of Good Company, the "Your Skin, Your Story" campaign will live on social, digital and in print media in the following weeks.

Beauty marketing
Beauty brands have been especially creative with their marketing efforts in the new year, and it is not at all surprising that L'Oréal Paris remains unafraid to stand for a diverse audience?the beauty sector has been known to be progressive in outlook in recent years. 

French label YSL Beauty is introducing its latest face via a recorded round of Truth or Dare, featuring a short film that stars Instagram-famous model Staz Lindes being prompted by an off-screen male voice to reveal facts about herself or take on challenges (see story). 

And L'Oréal itself has been making serious moves in mobile in the past few weeks. It recently joined other beauty retailers in leveraging a mobile-friendly live chat consultation tool that offers users personalized hair color counsel, following in the footsteps of makeup retailers such as Sephora (see story). 

"With over 25% of internet users using ad blockers it is increasingly difficult for brands to reach consumers," Mr. Ragovin said. "2017 is the year of native advertising, and the key to success will be authentic content. 

"To be successful, brands will need to partner with technology partners who can create large quantities of custom content on demand, fueled by everyday people like you and me. The True Match campaign spans far beyond the organic reach of the creator's social channel and will arm L'Oreal with a library of authentic, relatable content that they can use across social, digital and print media to connect with consumers through content created by consumers.