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Chicken of the Sea uses social to spread seafood-health awareness

Packaged seafood brand Chicken of the Sea is piggy backing on the New Year?s resolutions of many Americans who are hoping to stay healthy this year with an incentivized contest. 

The brand, known for its canned tuna, is hoping to insert itself as a staple within healthy eating. Chicken of the Sea?s Go Fish campaign is attempting to get consumers to replace other forms of protein with its seafood by offering a weekly reward chosen from those that post about seafood on Instagram and Twitter. 

?These latest guidelines confirm what Chicken of the Sea has known for years: Americans just aren?t getting enough seafood,? said Maureen McDonnell, director of marketing for Chicken of the Sea. ?Since our goal is to get Americans? seafood diet to come closer to resembling that of the rest of the world, the program covers all types, varieties and brands of seafood and shellfish.?

Social influence
Chicken of the Sea is implementing a 10-week program in which it will be giving away gift cards to those that post on social. Users share photos of their own seafood incorporations, prompting others to do the same. 

Ten participants a week will be selected at random to win a $100 gift card. Three winners will be picked each month will receive a year?s worth of free Chicken of the Sea products. 

The year supply will be worth up to $468. Facebook users can fill out a form on Chicken of the Sea official page to be entered to win any other prices. 

Chicken of the Sea is hoping participants will share content such as recipes, stories, nutritional facts, photos, videos, tips and suggestions. The campaign goal is to create a whole hub in regards to seafood inspiration. 

The packaged-goods brand was inspired by the Dietary Guidelines for Americans 2015-2020 for its campaign. The guidelines suggests that Americans should substitute forms of seafood protein instead of common choices, as the average seafood consumption in the United States is below the recommendations. 

The sea of social
Chicken of the Sea often takes on innovative social campaigns to make an impression on consumers and remain a household name. 

The packaged seafood company recently upped its corporate responsibility efforts with a mobile initiative that lets users scan one of its cans and learn information about its ingredients and origin source.

Chicken of the Sea?s Trace Your Product initiative aimed to make consumers more aware of where their food comes from and how it was sourced to promote more sustainable practices and assure customers that purchasing from Chicken of the Sea is an ethical choice. Products may be scanned on a mobile device in-store or at home through a desktop (see more). 

The seafood purveyor managed to find a way to align the fractured attention spans of the social media user with a Facebook game that returned huge increases in Web traffic and engagement.

Chicken of the Sea?s Pull It Off game was created in promotion of the brand?s ergonomic packaging, called the EZ-Open Can. By offering players healthy recipes and a chance to win $25,000 in mobile gift cards, Chicken of the Sea managed 253,271 total game plays with 47,140 unique players; a 580 percent increase in web traffic and engagement and a 12,367 percent jump in visits to the brand?s website from third-party social platforms (see more). 

?While we?d prefer they reach for the familiar Chicken of the Sea Mermaid, participants eating and sharing any fresh or packaged seafood will be eligible to win one of 13 prizes.? Ms. McDonnell said.