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Atom Tickets heralds upcoming Saban?s Power Rangers with social promotion

Mobile theatrical ticketing platform Atom Tickets is hoping to test social elements in its business model with a partnership with Lionsgate to promote the new Saban?s Power Rangers movie through a mobile campaign named Morphin? Mondays.

Morphin? Mondays will promote the film, which debuts nationwide on March 24, every Monday through March 20 with exclusive content and deals. The campaign will also include a social promotion based on referral programs of old, one of many old-marketing maneuvers that are being tested on the mobile platform.

"When you have an audience that?s engaged and accustomed to the mobile platform, limited time mobile offers have proved to be very effective," said Ameesh Paleja, CEO and co-founder of Atom Tickets. "A specific window of time inspires people to take action so they don?t miss out."

Saban?s Power Rangers
Starting today, Atom users will have the chance to purchase their ticket for Saban's Power Rangers for just $5 when they invite 5 friends to see the movie with them via the Atom Tickets app. The program plays off the team of 5 Power Rangers, and takes advantage of the app's integrated social experience that allows users to invite friends to a movie without paying for them. 

Each person invited has the opportunity to get their own $5 ticket by inviting five other friends to join the group, further fueling the program's virality.

"We?re already connecting with friends from our mobile devices, so it was important from the beginning that we encourage users to invite friends and see movies together," Mr. Paleja said. "Promotions are an effective way to introduce those social perks that are exclusive to the Atom platform. 

"That being said, many of our promotions are valid on our desktop platform. We use the desktop platform as an extension of our mobile platform to increase engagement across audiences and expand our ability to connect with moviegoers."

The promotion will be held through the Atom Tickets app

"Atom is the only ticketing app that focuses on movies as a group experience," said Matthew Bakal, executive chairman of Atom Tickets. "Pairing the social appeal of Power Rangers with our app's proprietary invite technology, 'Morphin Mondays' encourages users to plan a night out with their friends to see this entertaining new film and taps into the audience's desire for shared experiences."

In addition to Morphin Mondays, today Atom unveiled an exclusive Power Rangers movie poster that can only be seen on the Atom platform. A few fans will receive the exclusive poster signed by the cast via giveaways through Atom Tickets? social outlets. 

Mobile ticketing
Atom has had tendency to engage in time sensitive promotions recently, and seems to be particularly enamored with campaigns that occur once a week. On of the heels of a major partnership with Chase Pay on the payment side, the company collaborated with mass media giant iHeartMedia to broadcast a massive national campaign named Free Movie Fridays (see story). 

The strategy seems to be working: Earlier this year, Atom Tickets added yet another big theater chain in the lucrative New York tri-state area with a partnership with Bow Tie Cinemas, stepping up the challenge to its biggest direct competitor, Fandango (see story). 

Atom's efforts at courting the squad is an integral part of its business model

"Research has shown that 80 percent of all movie tickets in China are bought on mobile devices, which is a growing trend that we?re also seeing in the US," Mr. Paleja said. "This was a major factor in making sure our app was a mobile-first platform. 

"Customers know the difference when a company uses a stripped-down desktop version experience versus a native mobile app," he said. "So far 2017 has been a terrific year at the box office, and the Atom Tickets platform is helping to drive that by changing consumer movie ticket purchase behavior and the movie-going experience overall, making it easier and more social. 

"Atom is also going beyond movie ticketing through our entry into ecommerce where we?re offering users the ability to purchase a movie ticket and exclusive merchandise within the app so they can enjoy the story long after the movie ends."