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Momail gives Twitter chance to be ubiquitous

Mobile email provider Momail recently launched support for Twitter so users can tweet and follow their friends' recent tweets via email on a mobile device.

According to research from the Participatory Marketing Network, only 22 percent of Generation Y is active on Twitter, while other social networking sites engage almost 99 percent of the Generation Y population who actively have profiles on sites such as Facebook. However, Momail has launched an Internet-free way to stay active on Twitter without a smartphone.

"The mobile channel is ideal because you have it with you all the time and can now easily post your Tweets, including photos and video, from where ever," said Lars Aase, vice president of marketing, Momail, Stockholm, Sweden.

"You can also check latest Tweets from your contacts in the same way," he said.

Users can now post on Twitter without having an Internet connection or a Web-enabled mobile device or having to download or install special software.

Not only do users have the option to post tweets via simple email, but users can also post pictures to Twitter using Momail. By attaching the picture to a Momail email, users can send their Tweet along with it and the picture appears on the recent post list on Twitter.

Users must sync their Momail and Twitter accounts to use Momail for tweeting. After connecting the accounts, users write an email to .

In the body of the email, users have a maximum of 140 characters to convey what they want to tweet. Once the user presses send, the Tweet is sent to Twitter and the user's account is updated immediately.

But Twitter isn't just about posting status updates. Momail has made it possible for Twitter fanatics to follow their friends most recent updates.

By sending an email to and typing "Friends" in the subject line, users will receive an email with the last twenty tweets posted by their friends.

"The strategy is to attract more users to Momail mobile email using popular and useful add-ons like Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and Jajah," Mr. Aase said.

"All these popular services can be used using simple emails and the mobile from where ever you are (no need for pc or Internet), nor special client software or downloads in your mobile," he said.

Momail chose to employ its ID-Relay technology, which only forces users to activate their Twitter account via Momail one time. From then on, the account will automatically sync to the user's phone number.

Only 38 percent of Generation Y has an iPhone or iPod touch, the most buzzed-about smartphone on the market. Those without a smartphone are usually excluded from mobile social networking.

However, Momail works on all phones that have built-in support for email which is over 1400 different handsets. Over 90 percent of all handsets sold today are equipped with the software necessary to run Momail.

Momail mobile email is available in all Nordic countries such as Belgium, Holland, Italy, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Montenegro, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Spain, Czech Republic, Germany and Austria. Updates on the continuously added countries can be found at

"In the future, mobile will be the single versatile tool when on the move," Mr. Aase said. "The technology to incorporate your ID's, your credit cards, wallet, keys etc. in the mobile is already here.

"We are just waiting for standards to be set and the consumer behavior to catch up with technology, as always. Remember it took almost 10 years for text to get a breakthrough in the US," he said.