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Nestle?s Hjem-IS bolsters engagement via mobile bar code implementation

Nestle?s ice cream company Hjem-IS has rolled out a mobile campaign that offers consumers coupons when they scan a QR code featured on its promotional materials.

The company is working with Paperlinks on the mobile initiative. Hjem-IS, one of Scandinavia?s most recognizable ice cream brands is using the mobile bar codes as part of its promotions during the Tour of Denmark.

"The Hjem-IS brand is already a mobile business through and through, as its model relies upon vans to deliver the product to customers," said Hamilton Chan, CEO of Paperlinks. 

"This partnership was to further engage with customers on a whole new level by giving them quick and easy access to content around the brand - promotions and loyalty club information - as well as the ability to order, purchase and set up delivery of ice cream with just a few clicks, and on-demand." 

Hjem-IS is an ice cream company founded more than 40 years ago in Sweden, which now reaches customers across Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Norway.

Paperlinks helps businesses quickly generate a QR code that will serve as a smartphone-readable hyperlink to engaging Web content.

Mobile campaign
The company is promoting the mobile campaign around the race and offering consumers coupons when they engage with the QR code.

The QR codes, which debuted at last week?s cycling event, were displayed on posters at the start and finish lines  and let users scan them with the Paperlinks iPhone app or other bar code readers.

Users were then directed to a mobile landing page where they could view deals that were currently offered for two rotating ice cream products and sign up for the Hjem-IS Loyalty Club.

Consumers could also place orders for their favorite desserts through their mobile device.

Other features
Consumers were also able to view video and photos of various ice cream and dessert options when they scanned the mobile bar code.

Mobile bar codes are increasingly on the rise and are becoming a growing trend amongst businesses and consumers.

More companies are placing QR codes almost anywhere nowadays ? on static ads, window displays, bus shelters and other promotional materials.

"There is limitless potential in QR codes, in that there's a broad range of customizable content that can be integrated into a campaign, and accessed almost instantly, anywhere," Mr. Chan said. 

"Also, it's easily deployed and very cost-efficient, and as the number of smart-phone users increases, more brands are finding it makes sense to invest in a channel that caters to that," he said.