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InterActive Nutrition increases mailing list by 40pc with QR codes

InterActive Nutrition increased the size of its mailing list by 40 percent via a QR code campaign that offered consumers incentives when they scanned.

The company worked with NeoMedia on the mobile initiative. The campaign promoted the company?s Mass-Tadon and Ignitro products.

?InterActive Nutrition, having previously worked with NeoMedia on a successful mobile marketing campaign driving Facebook "Likes" via QR code scan, wanted to generate leads at the Arnold activated by a QR scan and mobile Web form completion,? said Laura Marriott, CEO of NeoMedia.  

?The idea of the campaign was to generate leads and incentivize attendee engagement to build interest in the brand and ultimately, brand loyalty.?

Bar code deployment
During the Arnold Sports Festival, InterActive Nutrition placed QR codes on placards at its show booth.

Event attendees were invited to scan the codes to sign-up for the company?s loyalty program to receive special deals and prizes.

Interactive Nutrition has also used QR codes in magazine advertisements that have pointed consumers to the company's Facebook page where they could receive more information on InterActive Nutrition's events, competitions and offers.

?Scanning made the engagement fast and easy, meaning attendees did not need to fill out long hand-written questionnaires but rather a simple and easy to use mobile Web form, activated by QR scan,? Ms. Marriott said.

?The QR codes were able to fully integrate the consumer with InterActive Nutrition's live and online events as well as provide them with incentives that built brand loyalty,? she said.

QR code engagement
By using QR codes, InterActive Nutrition was able to engage Arnold Sports Festival attendees in a deeper level, as well as grow its database.

?QR code campaigns have yet to hit their peak, this segment of the marketing industry still has room to innovate and grow and we are beginning to see a significant increase in the creative elements being utilized,? Ms. Marriott said.

?As more consumers adopt QR code reader applications, mobile marketing using QR codes will continue to gain traction,? she said. ?QR code campaigns offer consumers an interactive way to interact with brands that static advertisements cannot.

?For the advertiser, QR codes mean the ability to gain meaningful insight into their consumer with each and every scan. The opportunity to share an opinion, combined with the chance to receive a reward, encourages continued engagement and drives brand recognition going forward.?

Final Take
Rimma Kats is associate editor on Mobile Marketer, New York