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Lucky magazine relies on Microsoft Tags to bolster shopping spree promotion

Conde Nast?s Lucky magazine is using Microsoft Tags to encourage readers to enter and win a $10,000 designer shopping spree.

The publication has placed a call-to-action on the cover of its August issue. Lucky has used mobile bar codes in the past to drive user engagement.

"Microsoft Tags are a widely recognizable mobile bar code and whether the reader uses the Lucky Shopper app or the Microsoft Tag Reader, it is easy and fun for them to access our extra content on their smartphones," said Karen Wilson, senior digital producer at Lucky, New York.

Reader specials
The Microsoft Tag is featured on the cover of Lucky?s August issue and readers are encouraged to scan it to not only enter to win the shopping spree promotion, but to get exclusive discount codes and other free stuff.

Consumers can download the Microsoft Tag mobile app to participate.

When consumers snap the Microsoft Tag, they are taken to a mobile-optimized landing page where they can fill out a form with their name, address, city, state and email address for a chance to win a $10,000 shopping spree from Coach.

After readers enter for a chance to win, they can also check out other exclusive designer discounts and enter more giveaways.

An initiative such as this is a great way to garner readerships, as well as engage consumers.

By placing the Microsoft Tag on the cover of the August issue, Lucky is making sure that consumers see it ? a smart move on the company?s part.

"With the bar code featured so prominently on the cover, we are hoping it will encourage readers at the newsstand to pick up a copy of the August issue in order to get immediate access to all of our amazing designer giveaways and discounts this month," Ms. Wilson said.

"Lucky Breaks is a hugely popular part of what Lucky offers and it makes sense to highlight it for consumers at the newsstand," she said. "It instantly draws them in to all that the August issue has to offer."

Mobile efforts
Lucky is no stranger to mobile.

In 2010, Timberland negotiated a two-month sponsorship with Lucky magazine that ran key products for direct sales purposes.

The footwear retailer also used a Microsoft Tag in an editorial ad featured in Lucky that promoted the launch of its fall line and its Mount Holly winter boot (see story).

"We know the Lucky reader loves to engage with our editors and with shopping via all kinds of digital mediums from ecommerce Web sites to Pinterest to foursquare," Ms. Wilson said.

"Mobile, and mobile entry to giveaways, is another way that Lucky brings our quality content direct to our audience in an instantaneous and exciting way," she said. 

Final Take
Rimma Kats, associate editor on Mobile Marketer, New York