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Budweiser raises philanthropic awareness via augmented reality

Budweiser is using augmented reality and product packaging with mobile this summer to build up awareness for its philanthropic program with Folds of Honor.

The campaign is the latest example of how Budweiser is utilizing its packaging to trigger interactive experiences through augmented reality. The campaign runs through Labor Day.

?We know that our consumers are using mobile in every part of their lives and if we can capitalize on that it helps us connect with our consumers in a space that they are in 24/7,? said Lori Shambro, director of Budweiser, St. Louis.

?This is an opportunity to get more people involved and showcase what we are doing, let consumers see it and support it in their own efforts,? she said.

Augmented donations
Budweiser is donating $1.5 billion this summer to Folds of Honor, which provides educational scholarships for families of soldiers killed or disabled in service.

The purpose behind using augmented reality in the campaign is to let consumers choose which states in the United States will receive a portion of the donation.

Users can participate by downloading the Blippar mobile app. Consumers then point the app at the Budweiser bowtie logo on the company?s packaging to start the engagement.

Packs of Budweiser also have a printed call-to-action on the side to show consumers how to use the app to unlock content from packs of products.

When the app recognizes the image, consumers are prompted to verify their age and can pick their state by scrolling through a list. A leaderboard shows users which states have generated the most votes.

The top ten states with the most support are eligible to receive a total of $100,000 in scholarship funds in 2014.

Via Blippar, consumers can also learn more about Folds of Honor and watch videos from the heroes that have benefited from Folds of Honor.

There is also a button to let consumers share the content via Facebook, Twitter, Google + and through email.

Mobile gulp
This is the first time that Budweiser is using the Blippar app for philanthropic efforts.

However, augmented reality plays a big role in Budweiser?s overall initiatives.

According to Ms. Shambro, Budweiser has been using Blippar for about a year to create consistent augmented reality experiences with its marketing campaigns.

Mobile plays an especially important role with packaging, which Ms. Shambro said Budweiser views as its No. 1 gross rating point.

For instance, the brand leveraged augmented reality with a campaign around NASCAR driver Kevin Harvick.

?A brand like Bud has so much physical branding and product in the real world that image-recognition augmented reality is the perfect tech to get consumers playing and engaging at multiple touch points and times throughout the day,? said Jess Butcher, co-founder/chief marketing officer of Blippar, London.

?Whether at a restaurant or bar, browsing in a store environment or at home in front of the game with beer in hand, any physical Bud asset can be instantaneously unlocked simply by looking at it for a valuable or entertaining content experience,? she said.

?The experience can be different and new each time depending on location, time of day, type of Bud asset and more ? cumulatively contributing to a huge opportunity for consumers to interact via this spontaneous new medium.?

Final Take
Lauren Johnson is associate reporter on Mobile Marketer, New York