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Kellogg activates Olympic donations via mobile call-to-action

Kellogg has launched its biggest Olympic and Paralympics marketing campaign to date with mobile playing a key role in how the consumer packaged goods brand activates digital interactions through static packaging.

Kellogg has plastered mobile calls-to-actions on cereal boxes from brands including Apple Jacks that promote the ?From Great Starts Comes Great Things? campaign, which incorporates 11 different Olympic and Paralympic athletes and hopefuls. Kellogg is working with Zoove to power the campaign.

?This year, Kellogg?s is launching their largest Olympics/Paralympics marketing campaign to date with our campaign ?From Great Starts Comes Great Things,?? said Sandy Uridge, senior director of integrated promotions at Kellogg, Battle Creek, MI.

?During the Sochi Olympics, when the world will naturally be focused on the finish, Kellogg wants to remind consumers to also celebrate the start ? the potential we all feel at the beginning of something, even the beginning of each day and centers around our belief that from great starts come great things,? she said.

?This is the first time that Kellogg?s is activating the StarStar mobile technology in an Olympic marketing campaign. It?s a unique way for Kellogg to integrate emerging mobile technologies within our core marketing platform.?

Call to donate
Kellogg has set up the **Start dial code to integrate with its Olympic sponsorship, which is promoted with a call-to-action on the brand?s cereal boxes. 

When consumers call **Start, a voice recording of former Olympic athlete Kristi Yamaguchi answers the call.

For each call made, Kellogg is donating one breakfast for a child in need as part of its Team Kellogg?s initiative. 

During the call, consumers can select to receive more information by pressing a number on their keypad. Pressing the number triggers an SMS message to be sent to consumers.

The SMS message includes a link to the campaign?s microsite. Via the site, consumers can watch and share content via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube. 

For each piece of content watched or ?liked,? Kellogg will donate additional breakfasts to the cause.

Activating mobile
Kellogg is not the only CPG brand leveraging mobile as part of its support for the 2014 Sochi Olympics.

For example, P&G?s Braun picked mobile photo sharing and social media to get the word out about its sponsorship of U.S. athlete J.R. Celski (see story). 

What is unique about Kelloggs? mobile activation though is the fact that the campaign takes advantage of the No. 1 biggest asset for CPG brands ? packaging. 

The cereal giant has also leveraged its boxes in the past for certain mobile campaigns.

In October, Kellogg played up entertainment content as part of a partnership with Live Nation. In exchange for downloading an augmented reality app, consumers could unlock exclusive digital content by scanning the box (see story). 

?I think Kellogg like a lot of big brands has come to the realization that if you?re going to spend all that money on sponsorship that?s not mobile-activated in this day and age is kind of crazy,? said Joe Gillespie, CEO of Zoove Corp., Palo Alto, CA.

?Mobile basically allows them to really start thinking omnichannel from a media perspective where they can leverage everything they?re doing ? signage, packaging [and] television,? he said.

?For Kellogg ? and we have several other examples of brands that are embracing this ? they realize that one of the most significant assets they have when it comes to mobile activations are real-world, analog assets like store fronts and windows.?

Final Take
Lauren Johnson is associate reporter on Mobile Marketer, New York