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Tory Burch?s labeled Fitbit fitness bands attract the fashion forward

Fashion label Tory Burch has designed a collection of signature fitness products for fitness tracking device company FitBit to give the products a fashionable edge. 

As a way to disguise a less fashionable wearable, the Tory Burch collaboration is likely an attempt to attract fashionistas and involve the brand in the wearable trend. While the jewelry products could make the fitness wearables more fashionable, the tech devices are not built in and must be purchased separately from FitBit.

?The most plausible reason why Tory Burch wants to partner with someone like FitBit is to stay relevant with the early adopters who set trends instead of following,? said Danielle McCormick, Senior Director of Marketing at Skava. ?From a marketing perspective, these are a key group to go after.?

Ms. McCormick is not affiliated with Tory Burch or FitBit but agreed to comment as an industry expert.


Tory Burch nor FitBit responded by press deadline.

Fitness plus fashion
All products feature either the fretted ?T? logo or ?T? stamp and were constructed in attempt to be a stylish accessory, or what is referred to today as wearable tech.

One product in the collection is a metal fret pendant necklace while remaining products are bracelets, either metal fret or printed silicone.

The pendant necklace was built to house and conceal a FitBit tracker and the bracelets fit around the FitBit bands.

The silicone bracelets are currently selling for $38 while the gold-tone metal bracelet is $195. The metal pendant necklace is $175. FitBit flex trackers are sold separately. 

Tory Burch?s participation in the wearable tech atmosphere is likely an attempt to convince a fitness enthusiast who also values fashion the simplicity and charm of her brand and one cannot fully utilize a FitBit tracker lacking a fashionable appeal.

The rise of wearables
Former ecommerce executives from Etsy and eBay took a fashion-first approach to wearables with a new smart ring that attempts to meet the needs of smartphone-savvy fashionistas.

Ringly?s pre-ordering campaign exceeded its initial goal of $60,000 within eight hours of its launch, executives plan to carry the product to the next level by allowing it to evolve.

When a consumer is on-the-go and carrying her phone in a purse, it is common to miss an important call, reminder or text. Ringly, created with fashion appeal in mind, connects to a mobile application using Bluetooth technology and sends alerts to wearers when an important message is received on their smartphone (see story).

EBay, Gilt and Airbnb are a few of the retailers that have shown their support of New York start-up Ringly?s smart ring by collaborating with the product?s mobile application.

As fashion-forward wearables gain momentum, Ringly?s announcement regarding additional app collaborations parallels with the release of Philadelphia-based start-up Beacon and Lively and its introduction of its own stylish smart bracelet. Participating apps eBay, Gilt, Airbnb, Hinge, Lyft, Skype, Whatsapp and Words with Friends will offer customized alerts through Ringly?s line of smart rings (see story).

In this case, Tory Burch is able to mesh its fashion capabilities with a tech company that will likely gain momentum in the coming months.


?Initiatives like this align the fashion brands with the early adaptors who are typically the leaders of the pack,? Ms. McCormick said. ?It keeps a brand like Tory Burch relevant and generates great publicity for them.?

Final Take
Caitlyn Bohannon, editorial assistant for Mobile Marketer, New York