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BlueJewelz?s high-end wearable tech application targets luxury buyers

Start-up firm BlueJewelz has stepped into the wearables industry with Swarovski crystal jewelry pieces and an interchangeable tech disk that connects via Bluetooth technology to alert users of incoming texts and calls, geared towards high-end fashion buyers.

BlueJewelz?s sterling silver necklaces host a small tech disk and were created to allow consumers to step away from their phones without missing important notifications. As more of these similar devices are cultivated in the wearable industry, it will likely become more of a challenge for each product to stand out on its own.

?The inspiration for BlueJewelz was sparked by the pain that I experienced with trying to manage my own connectivity,? said Rona Bunn, creator of BlueJewelz, Washington, D.C. ?I always forgot that my phone was on silent after a meeting, left it somewhere or didn't hear or feel the phone ringing in my purse. 

?My family told me I was unreliable in an emergency because I was too busy to look at my phone. It was a terrible feeling, and I realized that many of my friends and colleagues had the same problem.?

?However no one, including myself, is willing to wear a visible gadget to solve the problem. The somewhat fashionable products on the horizon require that we wear the same piece of jewelry everyday, which is not so appealing either. So, I endeavored to make sure that our tech was beautiful and also interchangeable to give us choices.?

Fashionable design
BlueJewelz currently offers two locket pendant necklaces in sterling silver and gold vermeil and is being promoted on Kickstarter, aiming to raise nearly $70,000 before Sept. 11.

Buyers can choose from a premium sterling silver that is hand polished or a polished sterling silver that has a semi-gloss finish. They will also choose from crystal, tarzanite, rose, capri blue, blue zircon and black diamond color choices. 

The free BlueJewelz app connects with the disk that is about the size of a quarter. Users can appoint VIP groups from which the wish to receive notifications from. When receiving an important call, text or notification, the disk will vibrate, and the user can simply touch the disk to stop the alert.

The disks? batteries are expected to last up to four days and are rechargeable and water resistant.

BlueJewelz plans to produce more items, such as pins and bracelets, in 2015. The current products are compatible with iOS and Android devices.

Much like Ringly, BlueJewelz aims to eliminate cell phone dependency while consumers are going through their daily activities, blocking out unnecessary interruptions but ensuring that important notifications or calls reach the receiver.

Applying fashion
Fashion label Tory Burch designed a collection of signature fitness products for fitness tracking device company FitBit to give the products a fashionable edge. 

As a way to disguise a less fashionable wearable, the Tory Burch collaboration is likely an attempt to attract fashionistas and involve the brand in the wearable trend. While the jewelry products could make the fitness wearables more fashionable, the tech devices are not built in and must be purchased separately from FitBit (see story).

Tory Burch?s innovations were sparked from a pull from fashion brands to make wearable tech devices more fashionable.

As wearables gain momentum, developers are recognizing the need for fashionable appeal, leading to partnerships between technology companies and fashion brands.

A less appealing tech wearable suddenly becomes desirable after a well-known designer lends a magical touch. While some consumers are more focused on the technology, appearance means more to average consumers, and they will not adopt a wearable if it could wreck their style (see story).

The most successful implementations of fashion accessories for wearable tech will likely contain versatility, beauty and a strong design. Consumers want a range of colors or finishes to choose from along with different jewelry pieces, such as necklaces and bracelets.

?The BlueJewelz Collection includes technology in accessories that women already wear, such as jewelry,? Ms. Bunn said. ?The jewelry collection consists of multiple designs that women can choose from so that they don?t have to wear the same piece all the time. 

?The jewelry is made of precious metals and designed with elegance.?

Final Take
Caitlyn Bohannon, editorial assistant for Mobile Marketer, New York