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Ringly wearable gains momentum, launches new style for winter

New York start-up Ringly, a wearable device that combines fashion and technology, has released a new style for winter wearers following significant success thus far, reaching an initial sales goal of $60,000 in less than eight hours. 

Aiming to provide a fashion-friendly solution for smartphone users who are constantly on the go, Ringly matches its approach towards modern technology with fashionable charm. With initial styles featuring a classic appeal, the goal for the new style was to break out of the box and offer a product with edge.

?It was always in the plan to launch new styles seasonally because, when it comes to fashion, women want and need options,? said Christina Mercando, CEO and founder of Ringly, New York. ?Other metals were a big request, and while 18k gold is timeless, we wanted to introduce something a little edgier as we inch towards the winter months.?

Put a ring on it
The new style is being offered as a limited edition and is rhodium plated with a tourmalated quartz stone and was inspired by the image of a city girl who always knows the best places for a great night out, Ms. Mercando said. 

Execution of this new style arose from Ringly executives? desires to make a bold move and offer a style that seemed mysterious. 

The new style called Dive Bar is available for pre order for $195.

Ringly?s initial launch featured four colors, such as black onyx, emerald, pink sapphire and rainbow moonstone. These four colors are still being offered for pre-order for $145, except for the emerald style, which is sold out. 

Ringly?s background
Former ecommerce executives from Etsy and eBay took a fashion-first approach to wearables with a new smart ring that attempts to meet the needs of smartphone-savvy fashionistas. 

When a consumer is on the go and carrying her phone in a purse, it is common to miss an important call, reminder or text. Ringly, created with fashion appeal in mind, connects to a mobile application using Bluetooth technology and sends alerts to wearers when an important message is received on their smartphone (see story). 

EBay, Gilt and Airbnb are a few of the retailers that have shown their support of New York start-up Ringly?s smart ring by collaborating with the product?s mobile application.

As fashion-forward wearables gain momentum, participating apps eBay, Gilt, Airbnb, Hinge, Lyft, Skype, Whatsapp and Words with Friends will offer customized alerts through Ringly?s line of smart rings. For its initial release, Ringly integrated a collection of apps such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, Vine, LinkedIn, Poshmark, Tinder and Uber (see story).

?To date, wearable technology remains conspicuous and many of the current products in the market attempt to be unisex offerings,? Ms. Mercando said. ?We believe that broad consumer adoption in the space hinges on aesthetics, far beyond changing the color of a rubber bracelet or watch band to suit a wide variety of tastes. 

?What you wear says a great deal about who you are and it's important for us to build products that are simple, stylish and unobtrusive. Ringly is focused equally on the fashion and the technology of our products because we truly believe technology can be both beautiful and useful.?

Final Take
Caitlyn Bohannon is editorial assistant on Mobile Marketer, New York