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Tommy Hilfiger modernizes NYFW check-in with Apple Watch fast pass

Tommy Hilfiger is streamlining the experience at its New York Fashion Week runway show, allowing tech-forward attendees to skip the line via an integration with Apple Watch that further melds mobile with fashion.

The apparel brand has equipped Apple Watch users who are navigating their way through Fashion Week using the event application GPS Radar with an express entrance, avoiding long waits for the show. The new experience creates a trendy image for Tommy Hilfiger and also a positive public perception by decreasing waiting times and easing frustrating attendee experiences. 

"There is little doubt, we are experiencing the rise of the connected individual, a person that, through connected phones, watches, cars and other devices, is looking to have his or her digital and physical experiences synchronized," said Michael Becker, managing partner at mCordis. "This synchronization reduces friction. 

"It is convenient," he said. "It opens the world up to new and exciting opportunities. 

"Tommy Hilfiger clearly gets it and is giving the connected individual not only what they want, but what they are soon to expect."

Apple Watch first
The organized chaos of NYFW can leave a lot of attendees in the lurch waiting to get into particular shows. Tommy Hilfiger is the first to provide Apple Watch ticketing and a fast pass to its show, exclusive to users by allowing them to scan their devices in a separate line using a QR code. 

While this streamlines the check-in process for fans, it also creates a more fashion-forward image for the Apple Watch. The more fashion brands to incorporate the Apple Watch in anyway is a big a pull for the brand of the product.

It is likely that now Tommy Hilfiger has integrated an express lane through the app that many other designers and event coordinators will follow in its footsteps. The apparel manufacturer values its image as a forward-thinking brand and has created various tech-based experiences at past shows and in stores as well. 
Tommy Hilfiger is also creating an area at the show for big names on Instagram to photograph the event, in a bid to increase coverage of the event on a popular and trendy platform. 

Watching product potential
Sales for the Apple Watch jumped over the holiday weekend thanks to a series of special offers, alluding to a potentially brighter future as prices come down and opening up new opportunities for developers (see more).

Also, Apple delivered another monster quarter, but warning signals are mounting that the iPhone?s role in buoying results is close to over, drawing attention to the lack of details about sales volume for the Apple Watch (see more). 

"A brand today is the collection of all the experiences a person has with it, both physical and digital," Mr. Becker said. "These brand experiences are also influenced by the individual?s experiences with other brands, especially through digital. 

"Tommy Hilfiger is setting the bar for everyone else, not just fashion brands, but for theaters, concerts, amusement parks and more," he said.