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Starbucks uses coding to print emojis in hot chocolate drinks

Starbucks and Google have partnered in support of the effort to empower young girls to pursue careers in computer science with an emoji generator that leans on a wow factor. 

To excite young women about coding and computer science, the two big players teamed up for a Made with Code campaign that allows users to create their own emoji in their likeness. The platform walks users through how to design an emoji with code on a desktop Web site, and comes paired with a mobile video to promote the project. 

Made with code
Google?s Made with Code program is a movement to get high school girls interested in computer science, a field that many shy away from thinking because of their gender they are not cut out for it. The platform takes on various initiatives that show girls how writing with code is interesting and fun. 

Google and Starbucks' video 

Starbucks teamed up with Google to share a video for its latest project in which girls learn how to code through an emoji generator. The two brands encourage girls to design an emoji that represents themselves, and through Google?s platform they learn how to code. 

When they are finished creating their emoji the code creates the emoji within the foam of a cup of hot chocolate, surprising the girls and exciting them about computer science and coding. At-home viewers are able to create their own emojis at Google?s 

Starbucks' coded emoji hot chocolate

The platform provides a step-by-step guide on how to build their own emoji, essentially walking users through how to code. Users can pick the type of eyes, mouth, clothing, accessories and where to place them. 

While the platform is a basic introduction to coding, it is getting the ball rolling for young girls interested in the subject. 

Starbucks initiatives 
While Made with Code is Google?s brainchild, Starbuck?s recent participation is just one of its many pushes to connect with consumers. 

For instance, Starbucks was recently the latest marketer putting corporate social responsibility at the forefront of its mobile efforts, this time by unveiling a content series featuring Americans engaging in compassionate acts, showcasing the importance of including humanity-driven storytelling within mobile applications.

The coffee chain?s Upstanders digital series, which debuted in September, is available within the Starbucks mobile app as well as on its social media channels. Written and produced by Starbucks? CEO, Howard Schultz, the series serves as a prime example showcasing how food and beverage brands can build loyalty and make commerce pushes less overt ? by transforming their mobile apps into hubs for uplifting, lifestyle-oriented content (see more). 

The coffee shop also cemented the pumpkin spice latte?s status as a beloved beverage and social media caricature by rolling out a separate PSL Facebook Messenger chatbot, which enabled users to interact with the drink by taking a quiz and discussing fall-themed topics.

Starbucks alerted fans to the new Messenger chatbot by posting a Snapchat Story containing an image of the pumpkin spice latte caricature peeking out from behind a door alongside a screenshot of a URL link. The URL link, which was later posted on The Real PSL?s official Instagram account, brought users directly to the Facebook Messenger bot, showcasing one effective way of how marketers can ramp up awareness for seasonal products (see more).