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Cloud is key component to commercialization of 4G: panelist

ORLANDO, FL - As 4G networks such as LTE begin to roll out across the country along with a broader array of connected devices, the potential for changes in consumer behavior is significant.

During the ?How to Win in a New 4G/LTE World? session, an executive discussed the latest trends impacting the wireless market. According to the panelist, there are new consumer demands as content moves to the cloud.

?We see the cloud as an enabler,? said Rob Barrish, senior vice president of GFK Business and Technology, Princeton, NJ. ?Connected devices are on a steep growth path.

?Consumers are adopting different devices, but they have points they want to understand like where do I store my content and how do I get my content?? he said. ?4G is driving substantially greater entertainment capabilities.

?3G really helped amp up the smartphone and really began the app landscape, but now people are starting to see that 4G means much richer entertainment media.?

Cloudy challenge
According to Mr. Barrish, one of the challenges is understanding how consumers buy media, how they store it and how they access it across multiple devices.

That is an issue that needs to be tackled, he said.

?You have to capitalize on the potential,? Mr. Barrish said. ?The cloud is a key component to commercialization.

?The cloud is a critical component to the commercialization of 4G,? he said. ?We?re already beginning to see strong industry responses in terms of providing an integrated cloud service offering.?

Security issue
According to Mr. Barrish, only nine percent of consumers completely understand the cloud.

Additionally, the executive said that consumers under 35 are most interested in moving content to the cloud.

In terms of the different devices that people would store on the cloud, laptops come in first place, followed by tablets and smartphones.

Security is another issue.

?Consumers want to know their content will always be available and the company storing it will always be around,? Mr. Barrish said. ?Security is the top barrier to cloud adoption

?Sixty-one percent of users agree and say that they are concerned about the security of content if they were to store in the cloud,? he said. ?The longevity factor is something that consumers also talk about a lot.

?They want to make sure that the company who?s cloud they are using is going to be around.?

Lessons learned
According to Mr. Barrish, there are some lessons to be learned.

Companies should address the security issue for consumers so that they do not worry about storing their content on the cloud.

Additionally, companies should highlight the benefits. There should be an easy, on-the-go access to a digital collection of all types of content on an ever-expanding variety of devices.

?Consumers need to be educated,? Mr. Barrish said. ?It really does need to be demonstrated and explained in a very user friendly and non-techy manner.

?It?s the cooperation across content providers,? he said. ?There is a need to assure compatibility and a seamless user interface.?