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Viggle Access lends audience-specific data to brands, TV networks

Entertainment rewards platform Viggle and its new advertising platform Viggle Access could give participating brands and TV networks more insight into who their audiences are and the best ways to reach them and keep them watching and listening.

Aiming to narrow in on specific consumers with a targeting approach, Viggle Access collects valuable information, such as demographics and consumption habits. Through these breakthroughs, Viggle has seen previous clients return for more action.

?A significant percentage of our current campaigns are return partners who have seen firsthand the levels of engagement that we can drive,? said Kevin Arrix, chief revenue officer at Viggle, Inc., New York. ?Our multi-platform solutions are designed around effectively driving eyeballs and engagement, no matter the partner.?

Extending its reach
Reach, Promote and Brand Sync are the three products incorporated in Viggle Access.

Through Reach, advertisers are able to identify the appropriate audience based on certain data, such as age, gender, location and collective behavior while watching TV. The Promote product uses editorial content to encourage followers to engage with certain TV shows and web-based content. 

Lastly, Viggle members use the app to check into a TV commercial on-air using Brand Sync, which allows marketers and networks to keep the conversation going and deter a consumer from changing the channel.

?Any kind of company that has content within the entertainment industry or any company that creates an entertainment product that requires eyes on a screen or ears listening to music could benefit from advertising on Viggle,? said Marci Troutman, CEO of SiteMinis, Atlanta. ?The more viewers and/or listeners, the more the entertainment companies are able to create value for advertisers and sell their own product.?

?This app has a huge amount of potential for creating value for the user, the advertiser, the content creator and the content provider.?

Ms. Troutman is not affiliated with Viggle but agreed to comment as an industry expert.

Viggle is available for free on iOS and Android.

Recent renovations
Viggle has been expanding its partnerships with other brands and retailers to create a wider range of reach.

To interact side-by-side the World Cup games, the Clorox Co. partnered with Viggle to drive engagement with soccer fans for the company?s Clorox Liquid Bleach, Hidden Valley and Glad brands.

Clorox is sponsoring Viggle?s new Vigoooal game. Clorox videos are running throughout the matches in key areas of the app, with Clorox receiving a higher percentage during games with the U.S. team (see story).

In 2013, Viggle acquired Wetpaint for $30 million, expanding its capabilities in second-screen marketing and enabling it to grow its loyal audience and provide them with content 24 hours a day.

This adoption allowed for Viggle to provide original content related to the TV shows consumers watch. Wetpaint is an online site that covers top TV shows, stars, entertainment news and fashion, producing more than 150 new articles, videos and galleries a day (see story).

Viggle?s most recent incorporation will likely take the user experience to the next level.

?Viggle users could earn more points by clicking a banner ad, which could lead to a trailer for a movie,? Ms. Troutman said. ?Clicking on the trailer leads you to Fandango, and Fandango tells you when and where that movie is playing next based on your location.

?This is just one of many rabbit holes you could go down in this app to create opportunities to market to the individual user, not to mention the opportunity to market before, during and after an event, such as the World Cup,? she said. ?Viggle also extends into all of the key social platforms, which helps expand the interest.?


Final Take
Caitlyn Bohannon, editorial assistant for Mobile Marketer, New York