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Enduring Hearts adopts Shop2Give to drive mobile donations

Nonprofit organization Enduring Hearts has turned to mobile to encourage more online donations through e-donation platform Shop2Give.

Through this collaboration, Enduring Hearts hopes to reach fundraising goals more quickly, maintain better engagements with existing donors, attract new supporters and create broader public awareness given the wide-ranging reach of mobile. While many fundraising campaigns have tested the waters on mobile, such as the American Red Cross? use of SMS, nonprofits? efforts to reel in donors must take account of today?s on-the-go consumer. 

?During the next 12 months, we expect mobile e-donations to represent 25 percent of total Shop2Give donations while 75 percent remain online,? said Ronald Herman, CEO and founder of Sionic Mobile, Atlanta. ?However, we are forecasting supporters to utilize the ?give? feature inside the ION Rewards app to donate an average of $15 to $25 directly to Enduring Hearts, especially during events.

?Over time, we expect mobile and online e-donations to map respectively to mcommerce and ecommerce proportions in the marketplace.?

Mobile giving
?The collaborative effort between Enduring Hearts, Shop2Give and Atlanta-based Sionic Mobile aims to reward consumers after every purchase and to fully incorporate mobile into the nonprofit?s capabilities.

When consumers create a Shop2Give account, they can then shop online at Amazon or Macy?s, among others, and Enduring Hearts will automatically receive on average a payment of three percent of the purchase.

Sionic Mobile also donates two percent of every purchase made with the ION Rewards app available at more than 30,000 retail locations in the United States. Enduring Hearts supporters are also able to use this app to contribute any amount at any time.?

Enduring Hearts awards operating grants to established members of academic staff at universities, transplant centers and research institutes for research projects in organ transplantation.

Nonprofits on mobile
In July, an executive from Johnson & Johnson at Mobile Commerce Daily?s fifth annual Nonprofit Mobile Day on July 15 announced a number of achievements made by mobile application Donate-A-Photo, including funding more than 20,000 children?s eye exams, the purchase of 4,000 resuscitation devices for newborns and the restoration of 14 public parks. 

Having launched in 2013, Donate-A-Photo has extended its presence globally in just one year by offering donations for photo submissions. To keep the program in the foreground, executives continue to drive social promotions and push notifications and have found one-click links to app stores to be the most successful method of mobile-social advertising (see story). 

Social services nonprofit El Centro, which serves the Hispanic community in Kansas City, KS, is also betting on the mobile Web to drive donations via a new responsive design site.

With its constituents very active in the mobile space, El Centro knew it needed a way to engage them via their smartphones but was not interested in text-to-give for several reasons. With text-to-give facing limitations from carriers and not supporting nonprofits? needs to learn more about their mobile users, El Centro chose responsive design so it can serve the same donation experience across screens (see story).

Given other nonprofits? success on mobile while aiming to increase the number of donations, Enduring Hearts? strategy is surely targeting the right space.

?A mobile play performs exceptionally well for direct donations during fundraising events, community walks, etc., where supporters have immediate access to a trusted funding tool and are more generously inclined,? Mr. Herman said. 

Final Take
?Caitlyn Bohannon, editorial assistant for Mobile Marketer, New York