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Lean Cuisine dines on social media with filter blocking the word 'diet'

Nestlé USA?s Lean Cuisine brand is rolling out a Chrome-supported filter that enables users to block the word ?diet? from social media posts and online articles, highlighting its commitment to leveraging mobile for corporate social responsibility efforts.

Lean Cuisine is attempting to stifle the proliferation of diet messages seen across communication channels after New Year?s by introducing the #WeighThis Diet Filter, which will help consumers block the word ?diet? from their Chrome browsers. Individuals can visit the mobile-optimized microsite to view how diet-related conversations are shifting, and send themselves a reminder to download the filter for their desktop browsers.

?To further build on the recently launched Lean Cuisine brand purpose: to feed the greatness in every woman, the brand introduced the #WeighThis search filter to transform the ?diet? conversation into a force for good,? said Julie Lehman, marketing director for Lean Cuisine. ?The intent of the campaign is to continue to shift the conversation from ?diet? to weighing what really matters.?

Burying weight loss fads
Lean Cuisine is encouraging consumers to avoid the staggering amount of weight loss fads that inevitably pop up in the New Year ? after many individuals have made fitness and health resolutions ? by leveraging its newest tool.

Users wanting to kick off 2016 by focusing on their best selves, regardless of their weight, are asked to download the word filter for Google Chrome, which will eliminate any mentions of ?diet,? along with its derivatives such as ?dieting,? from all social media posts, blogs and online articles.

The filter can be accessed by visiting on a desktop device. After the download is complete, whenever consumers stumble upon content containing the word ?diet,? it will be covered with an orange bar, as well as tracked in-browser by a counter at the top.

Lean Cuisine ensured that interested smartphone users can also participate in the campaign by offering them the ability to send a mobile reminder to download the desktop-supported browser.

The mobile-optimized microsite also showcases the amount of diet conversations that have been filtered so far, which is currently resting at more than 800,000.

Consumers may find great value in the tool, especially if they are sensitive to friends? and families? social media posts regarding shedding pounds and cutting calories. The rollout comes on the heels of Lean Cuisine?s push to become an ally for women?s wellness.

The food marketer is shifting away from previous perceptions labeling it as a diet brand by placing a bigger focus on being a company that inspires well-being among customers.

?I think that the creative use of technology is a great way to break through the clutter from a press perspective and it is truly an interesting approach to modernize a brand that has been around for quite some time,? said Ben Hordell, partner at DXagency.

?The brand is challenged with the word ?Lean? in it, but I do believe the partnership with Girls Leadership is a step in the right direction and a good way to kick off 2016 with a positive message.?

Lean Cuisine is also promoting the #WeighThis filter on its social media accounts.

?Mobile is very important as a communications channel,? Lean Cuisine?s Ms. Lehman said. ?We know that from a social media perspective, most social channels are viewed on mobile devices now.?

Fueling positive change
The brand is backing its desire to augment women?s health by making a one-time $25,000 donation to Girls Leadership to support the mission?s empowering efforts. Smartphone users who visit the microsite will be able to click a link to watch a YouTube video with more information regarding the donation as well as the filter.

Additionally, Lean Cuisine has created a prototype filtering device for television sets that scans closed caption signals for conversations with the word ?diet? before muting audio for a half-minute.

It hopes the device will save TV watchers from suffering through more diet-related commercials or messages that could potentially be detrimental to one?s health journey.

?We believe instilling these participatory elements at the core of the campaign allows us to truly take advantage of a digital and social landscape,? Lean Cuisine?s Ms. Lehman said.

 ?A big belief of ours is that we shouldn't create ?dead ends? in digital ? by adding simple elements such as the hashtag or creating a downloadable filter we're creating an environment where people are able to contribute to the message.?