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Man on the street: Where are clients spending their mobile dollars?

NEW YORK ? Executives at the MMA Mobile Marketing Leadership Forum said that marketers this year are investing in applications, owning conversations, driving lifetime value and performance-based ads as they look to build their mobile strategy. 

As brands prepare for a surge in marketing for the summer, back-to-school and holiday seasons, they are paying close attention to balancing tried-and-true mobile tactics with careful experimentation of newer entries. 

Mobile Marketer asked attendees where their clients are spending their mobile dollars in 2016. In no particular order, here are their responses:

Tyler Furnari, inside sales manager at Silverpop, an IBM Company, Atlanta
The majority of the IBM Marketing Cloud's clients are spending their money on developing their first mobile app or, if it is not their first app, redesigning their current app to be as customer focused or engaged as possible. That is where we see most of our clients' mobile dollars being spent today.  

Jon LoPresti, sales director at IQM, New York
My clients are spending their mobile dollars mainly in apps.

Luke Langford, director of sales, North America at Insert
Clients are spending their mobile dollars around mobile engagement. In any way they can own and have a conversation with their consumers and interact with them in a way that either retains, requires, converts them into loyal customers and they?re using mobile as the primary channel to do that.

Eric Wolman, senior account executive at Redbooks, New York 
Our clients are scattered throughout different industries from ad-tech companies to advertising agencies to companies that do work with mobile quite a bit. We really help them go out there and crush it when it comes to their sales goals and initiatives. We do that through a sales intelligence platform that we manage here and update daily so that they can go out there and know whom they?re contacting, know intel about the company, about the people, about the person before they go out there and make their phone calls, to start that relationship. We work with a lot of different companies both in mobile and also more traditional and really taking it all together.

Ben Katz, senior director of sales at Iconectiv, Reston, VA
Our clients tend to be brands, enterprises and agencies. They tend to spend their dollars in a number of mobile marketing channels. They spend it on apps, social and digital media and something a little old fashion, which is texting. The reason for that is because the consumer decides what they want to use and when they want to use, which depends on the context. So for our business being in traditional SMS text messaging, there is still a play for that even though this is 12-year old technology. 

Bill McDonnell, vice president of new business development at, New York
Two of our most recent clients are using their dollars to do intro?s to new products and or services. One is introducing a new ?breakfast offering? at a restaurant chain, and another is using mobile to target families taking train rides and suggesting activities at various points along the route.

Jennifer Tanenbaum, account executive at Localytics, Boston
We have seen a big shift in clients moving away from spending their dollars almost exclusively on acquiring new users to focusing their efforts on increasing lifetime value and reducing churn. As more companies invest in mobile, they are realizing they need the right tools and insights to understand and engage their users in order to turn one time users into loyal customers.

Boris Fourman, senior business development manager, YouAppi, New York
As the mobile space evolves, we see more and more resources invested in in-app native and video ads, on a performance based model vs. branding. This allows the client to measure ROI, LTV and engagement and conduct quick adjustments, product improvements and advanced targeting.