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ESPN Winter X Games is first live sports program Shazam-enabled

The ESPN Winter X Games will be Shazamable for the first time this year, giving viewers access to video highlights and photos from their favorite competitors, results from the competition and music from the event. 

This marks the first live sports program to be Shazam-enabled. Besides the music and photos that are accessible, users also get highlights from the previous day?s events and can easily connect to related social media about the event, top stories, and the daily schedule. 

?Our partnership with ESPN marks another exciting first for Shazam,? said David Jones, executive vice president of marketing at Shazam, London. ?We?re thrilled to announce the Winter X Games is the first live sports program to be Shazam-enabled, making it easy and fun for fans to experience more of their favorite events.  

?With the Winter X-Games, Shazam extends the ability to use the app to include selected live performances and television events,? he said. ?Shazam for TV gives people a new way to connect with their favorite TV shows and brands, unlocking exclusive information and offers for their favorite products.?  

Shazam uses a mobile phone's built-in microphone to gather a brief sample of music being played. According to Wikipedia, an acoustic fingerprint is created based on the sample, and is compared against a central database for a match. If a match is found, information such as the artist, song title, and album are relayed back to the user. 

The Winter X Games in Aspen air Jan. 26-29 at 12:30 p.m. ET.

Popular hit series like Being Human and Covert Affairs, special one-off events like the Disney Christmas Parade, movie promos, DVDs and numerous ads have incorporated Shazam to deliver customized tag results that let viewers experience more of the shows and brands they love.  

For the Winter X Games, Shazam is getting the word out via media outreach, direct outreach to U.S. Shazamers and  social media outreach, including the Shazam blog (, Shazam?s Facebook page and @Shazam on Twitter.  

Additionally, ESPN is also doing outreach via its social media channels.

?With more than 175 million users, people are using Shazam to discover more about the music, TV shows, ads, movies and now sports they love,? Mr. Jones said.  ?Since all tags live on in Shazamers' tag lists, they can interact with them whenever and wherever they want.?