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DirecTV teams up with Viggle to reward television viewers

DirecTV is delivering exclusive rewards to its customers for checking into their favorite television shows using the Viggle mobile application.

Both companies have signed a multi-year exclusive agreement. The partnership is further proof that mobile is quickly becoming TV?s newest companion.

?Viggle's vision is to be the loyalty program for television, so partnering with an industry leader like DirecTV is a very logical move,? said Greg Consiglio, executive vice president of business development at Viggle New York.

?To start off, the strategy has three parts ? first, DirecTV customers will get enhanced points-earning opportunities and unique rewards such as pay per view movies or premium subscriptions,? he said. ?Second, Viggle will market DirecTV to its user base and then third, DirecTV will market Viggle to its customers and help drive adoption.

?The two companies are also discussing different types of technical integration aimed at adding even more to the TV experience.?

Next level
Viggle is a mobile app that rewards users for simply watching TV.

When DirecTV consumers use the Viggle app to check-in, they can earn points, as well as vie for a chance to win exclusive offers such as pay-per-view movies and premium channel offers.

Through the partnership, DirecTV will market the benefits of its service to Viggle users on the company?s advertising platform with video, sponsored games and interactive ads.

Additionally, Viggle will be marketed throughout DirecTV?s marketing channels for new user acquisition and retention. This will encourage existing DirecTV subscribers to link their accounts with Viggle in order to receive enhanced points earning and rewards.
?We'll be letting Viggle users who already subscribe to DirecTV know about the partnership through direct communications, encouraging them to link their Viggle and DirecTV accounts,? Mr. Consiglio said. 

?We'll also start marketing the benefits of subscribing to DirecTV to all Viggle users through a campaign of innovative marketing on Viggle's ad engagement platform,? he said.

Going forward
According to the company, Viggle will be working with DirecTV on a number of technical solutions going forward, including set top box and tablet integrations.
?Mobile is at the center of Viggle's strategy,? Mr. Consiglio said. ?Nearly 85 percent of people have two mobile devices with them so it allows us to deliver extremely targeted, personal experiences to TV viewers.

?Our goal with the viewer is to help them discover new shows, enhance the shows they're watching with interactive experiences like Viggle live and reward them for their loyalty to shows,? he said. ?For advertisers, mobile lets us deliver contextually relevant ad experiences and this combination of precision targeting with TV-scale audiences makes the Viggle platform a very exciting, new marketing channel.

?Rather than traditional mobile marketing budgets and initiatives, the idea is that Viggle can start to play a role which is similar to channel marketing ? circulars, couponing and discounts.?

Final Take
Rimma Kats is associate editor on Mobile Commerce Daily, New York