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Stolichnaya leverages mobile social, video for collaborative event reel

Vodka brand Stolichnaya combines video and social sharing in a new mobile application designed to simply capturing and sharing a memorable evening out with friends.

The Recapp by Stoli app captures users social posts during an event they set up and then composites their tweets and Vines to create a video compilation. The app also automatically customizes a video based on time of day, weather, location, shared content and theme so users never see the same video twice.

?Stoli is a social brand, and we?re with our consumers when they are having great nights out with friends,? said Alexi Lambrou, global brand manager at Stolichnaya Vodka, S.P.I. Group S.a.r.l., Luxembourg.

?We wanted to give them a way to showcase those events with originality,? he said. ?We love the apps out there that provide recipes or help find bars, and we wanted to add something different to the mix.?

?Up to 55 percent of our consumers engage with Stoli through mobile devices, whether it?s or ORGNL.TV. On our social channels, that percentage is even higher. So it?s obviously important for us to provide rich content for the mobile space.?

Stolichnaya Premium Vodka worked with digital agency Rokkan to develop the app.

A memorable night
Numerous liquor and beer brands have come out with mobile apps in recognition of the amount of time their customers are spending their smartphones.

Stolichnaya is building on this idea by incorporating social media and video, two of the most popular activities on mobile.

Social media is increasingly being accessed from mobile devices as users go about their activities, resulting in a multitude of posts on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Vine for the same gathering.

Recapp was designed to bring all of this different social media content together.

The idea behind the app is to bring together the different points of view of all the attendees at an event. Users can invite friends to participate to create a collaborative event reel.

Custom video
Once an event has been set up and friends have synced their social accounts, the app brings in updates in real-time while participants engage with their normal social media apps as they normally would.

Users are automatically served up the custom video once the event has ended.

The app is available to download for free for iOS and Android devices.

Stolichnaya will use a variety of means to promote the app.

?Recapp will be promoted across all social channels, domestic and global, seeded through our content channels such as, ORGNL.TV, and placed throughout our network of influencers and bloggers,? Mr. Lambrou said. ?There will also be supporting media buys, as well as above- and below-the-line onsite and display activations.?

Final Take
Chantal Tode is associate editor on Mobile Marketer, New York