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We The Economy taps into mobile's potential for massive reach

Vulcan Productions? partnership with short-film producer and distributor Cinelan unlocked the potential of mobile with its We The Economy film series, which reached millions of viewers through a mobile-first strategy, including an application where the films are viewable in their entirety.

We The Economy is a collection of 20 short films from numerous well-known directors and actors, spotlighting issues in the economy in a manner that anyone can understand. A mobile app is dedicated to the film series, but the films have also been released to outside apps as well such as Netflix and YouTube. 

?We wanted We The Economy on mobile because it was by far the most powerful and efficient way to reach the right people,? said Douglas Dicconson, co-founder and managing partner at Cinelan. ?Native content discovery complements our high-profile distribution partners like Netflix and Landmark Theaters to make sure that we reach viewers wherever they are and however they want to consume us.?
"The goals of the campaign were awareness, video views, social engagement and visits to the We The Economy website," he said. "The mobile campaign generated over 2.3 Million video views and a 7 percent engagement rate, 7x higher than the industry average. 

"The videos saw a 92 percent completion rate, 70 percent higher than the industry average for longform video content on mobile."

Vulcan Productions is known for award films such as Far From Heaven and Titus.

Broader reach
The collaboration?s goal is to reach as many consumers as possible, so more people can grasp a greater understanding of the economy and its efforts into mobile promotion are a direct reflection of that. The executives behind the initiative recognized the potential of mobile and the broad reach that it extends. 

An important factor to the film collection is the snackable form of the content. Each film is about five to ten minutes long, which is ideal for mobile viewing, allowing the viewer to quickly and seamlessly view the content wherever or whenever she is able to. 

Users can download the app on the Apple App Store or on Google Play. The featured films are located on the homepage of the app, but users can also click through on the tab where the option for topics is available. 

In the topics tab films are listed by chapters such as ?What is the economy,? ?What is money? and ?What is the role of our government.?
Each film embodies its director?s style, creating a more wide spread reach for consumers. The short films spread through all genres ranging from comedy, drama, cartoons and farce, which creates a large potential to attract numerous viewers with varied interests. 

The wide-range of familiar directors and actors include Morgan Spurlock, known for the Super Size Me documentary, Entourage actor Adrian Grenier, partner of comedy Web site Funny or Die Chris Henchy and King of Queens actor Patton Oswalt. 

No matter the genre, all content is high-quality video, which is another huge draw-in factor for the campaign. 

We The Economy has a large presence in social media including pages on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, all of which act as hub for economic information and promotion to the film. The social media pages are all accessible seamlessly through the app, for easier access to and sharing of content. 

Possibilities of mobile video
The potential of mobile video is just starting to be realized and many brands are leveraging the amenity to greater engage consumers. 

Energizer Personal Care?s Banana Boat sunscreen brand geared up for summer, its biggest sales season, with the Great Big Family Reunion sweepstakes and a companion mobile-optimized site that offers opportunities for entry as well as a customizable digital video that consumers can send to their family members via mobile, proving video?s growing popularity in marketing campaigns (see more).

Also, Major League Baseball tapped into Snapchat to bring video content to fans and take the game back to its 19th-century roots as a source for both bonding with heroes on the field and inspired storytelling as the mobile messaging platform continues to evolve into a go-to destination for live sports (see more).

?Mobile devices are the new first screen,? said Mitchell Reichgut, CEO of Jun Group the advertising platform for We The Economy. "People spend more time looking at their devices than they do watching television. 

"Add unprecedented targeting capabilities and full-screen, fully viewable units, and you have a perfect fit for high-end content like We The Economy,? he said. 

Final take
Brielle Jaekel is editorial assistant at Mobile Marketer