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Macy's targets Gen Z through YouTube series to support new apparel collection

Macy?s is appealing to Gen Z shoppers through an apparel line designed in collaboration with YouTube network AwesomenessTV, with the clothing featured in a new show to better reach the audience on a platform that resonates with them.  

The new collection is reflective of the shift towards mobile video and its reach of younger consumers, following a similar format of network shows in the past creating apparel designs inspired by television series. Closet Wars will air on YouTube and feature two popular AwesomenessTV stars competing to create outfits out of the new collection from Macy?s. 

"YouTube is a channel that this customer visits frequently and loves, so we know that connecting with her here with fun fashion content is a great opportunity to relate in a way that is authentic to her life and style," said Holly Thomas, spokeswoman for Macy's. 

Gen Z marketing
Twin YouTube stars Vanessa and Veronica Merrell will compete against each other in the new mobile video series to style the best outfits for specific events out of Macy?s new IN AWE OF YOU collection. The new line is designed specifically for the audience of AwesomenessTV?s YouTube channel, which consists largely of Generation Z, the generation following millennials.

The young generation has grown up in a world completely connected, with YouTube emulating viewing behaviors cohesive to television watching. Macy?s new collection and sponsored video series is a direct bid for these consumers? attention, with a series of apparel and accessories designed specifically for these young women. 

The collection focuses on being trendy, with everyday looks as well as formal wear for prom and graduation. In the show, the twins will have to shop the line for looks related to whichever special occasion they have been assigned and style the best outfit. 

The first Closet Wars video aired on YouTube yesterday, while Macy?s collection will be available later in the month online and in-stores.
Vanessa and Veronica Merrell are known for their YouTube channel merrelltwins, featuring comedy sketches and musical performances. The channel boasts more than 700,000 subscribers and is a part of the AwesomenessTV network. 

Macy?s mobile pushes
Macy?s also recently introduced a complimentary personal shopping service that enables consumers to book an appointment with a stylist via a mobile-optimized site, highlighting smartphones? journey into becoming must-have shopping companions (see more). 

The retailer also kicked off its American Icons summer campaign with a selfie push on social media as it seeks to embody the easygoing, fun-loving lifestyle of the warmer months while cementing its all-American image (see more).

"The goal of the series is to show girls this fun new IN AWE OF YOU collection and how they can wear it for the different occasions and moments in their lives," Ms. Thompson said. "The collection was designed very specifically with these girls in mind, and we?re excited to give them some ideas for how to wear it, incorporating different pieces into their wardrobes and just having fun with fashion."