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Crest freshens mobile coupons with YouTube star partnership

Procter & Gamble is pairing the lure of a YouTube star with mobile coupons, laying down a clear path from content consumption to product purchase for Crest Pro-Health Advanced Mouthwash. 

As consumers spend more time viewing content on YouTube, Crest is incorporating the channel through a branded experience cognizant of a less intrusive approach than traditional advertising. The consumer packaged good brands is leveraging the recognition for user Jacksfilms, who has a following of more than 2 million, by providing viewers of his sponsored video with a link for coupons on and its application. 

?Including a link to mobile coupons on YouTube videos is a great way to extend product interest to product purchase,? said David Naumann, director of marketing at Boston Retail Partners. ?According to YouTube statistics, more than half of YouTube views come from mobile devices, therefore, it is a smart strategy to add a link to coupons that are available on mobile devices to make it easier to save.?

YouTube influencers
Comedy YouTube channel Jacksfilms has launched a branded version of a frequent video segment named JackAsk. The video?s theme is dating and features Jack answering various questions from commenters in a humorous manner, but then suggests using Crest Pro-Health Advanced Mouthwash to get ready for dates. 

Since the Jacksfilms channel is known for comedy, it would have been detrimental for Crest to insert a straight product push within the funny video, and turn many viewers away with an interruption-like experience. Jack was sure to incorporate a humorous take on the promotion through a satirical exclamation that he had just come up with the smart idea to get a date using Crest and that he was not previously prompted to do so. 

The rest of the plug follows a similar attitude with comedic edits and script, with Jack saying it will get you kissed and winking at the camera. Crest is hoping to continue use of its hashtag #byebyeburn, in reflection of the claim that it reduces burning often experienced when using alcohol-based mouthwash products.

Rise of YouTube
While Facebook has typically been the go-to social network for second-screen experiences during television viewing, YouTube is rapidly gaining steam as a top platform with which TV fans interact, according to a Ring Digital report (see more). 

The rise of YouTube is inciting other brands to take on a similar approach to Crest. For instance, Macy?s appealed to Gen Z shoppers through an apparel line designed in collaboration with YouTube network AwesomenessTV, with the clothing featured in a new show to better reach the audience on a platform that resonates with them (see more).

?With mobile phones now representing the majority of Internet usage, it is imperative that retailers make their marketing campaigns mobile friendly,? Mr. Naumann said. ?Requiring consumers to enter their cell phone number to validate the coupons from their phone is a clever way for Crest to gather phone numbers of people interested in their products. 

?The only downside to the Crest mobile coupon approach is that it requires the user to print the coupons,? he said. ?It would be much more convenient if the coupons could be redeemed without printing, by just showing the coupon on their phone.?