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AccuWeather's surge in video views is thanks to 360-degree video

Digital weather service AccuWeather has precluded a 400 percent increase in monthly video views by introducing 360-degree mobile videos for a more immersive consumer experience. 

The weather service is tapping into the captivating effect that video footage of amazing events in nature can have on consumers. AccuWeather saw potential to further immerse viewers with 360-degree videos and is reaping the benefits with extra engagement. 

"As the global leader in weather information and digital media, AccuWeather strives to stay at the leading-edge of innovative video content to meet consumer demand," said Trish Mikita, vice president of digital media strategy at AccuWeather. "Our immersive 360-degree videos help take users inside severe weather events that would never have been before possible, allowing them to learn more about the situation and be as close to being on location as possible ? why staying safely out of danger. 

"It is an exciting part of our video strategy which has led to a 400 percent increase in average monthly video views across AccuWeather?s digital properties," she said. 

Experiencing weather

Viewers can move their smartphones to see around the space of AccuWeather?s captivating videos. The videos showcase a wide range of spectacular events that occur in nature. 

For instance, one video captured by meteorologist Reed Timmer allowed viewers to turn around the space while chasing a tornado. The extreme close-up footage gave users the chance to look around where anywhere they wanted to in the setting for a more engrossing experience. 

The tornado was categorized as an EF-2, near Wray, Colorado. The video garnered a lot of attention for AccuWeather with more than 16 million views, and went viral across social media channels. 
The 360-degree video of the tornado lives on YouTube, allowing users on smartphones and desktops to view the experience. AccuWeather will also be sharing breaking news footage of major events similar to this including blizzards. 

AccuWeather mobile capabilities
AccuWeather also recently worked closely with Android team members to create an application that is effectively optimized for the multitude of devices built on the mobile operating system (see more).

An executive from AccuWeather at the Mobile Marketing Summit: Wearables and Holiday Focus 2015 conference discussed how its brand shifts its content for each mobile and wearable device, making sure to serve relevant content to each platform (see more). 

"So far, 360-degree video has been used by our extreme weather meteorologists like Reed Timmer during storm chasing, but we are dedicated to Superior Accurac and informing and entertaining our audience," Ms. Mikita said. "We produce over 500 videos/day as the fastest growing weather video producer and intend to find new ways to incorporate the power and immediacy of 360-degree video, not for the sake of VR experiences and beauty shots, but for the sake of keeping our audience informed and educated. 

"The response has shown the need for this type of content and we will continue to grow with our expanding audience," she said.