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Audi changes the game by challenging gender roles

While Audi?s video is cute and entertaining, it also shares a deeper message with consumers to challenge outdated thinking. ?Let?s Change the Game? shows the story of a young doll in a toy store getting fed up with her troublesome carriage, as she trades it in for an Audi.

Challenging stereotypes
As gender roles are becoming a hot button issues in society, Audi is taking a strong stance to encourage parents to let their children play with the toys they want no matter their gender. The same concept goes for driving their vehicles, as the automaker makes the point that Audis are not just for boys to drive.

The animated short begins with dolls coming to life after toy store closes, focusing on one in particular. The main protagonist is having trouble with her mode of transportation ? a traditional princess carriage.

She then notices a collection of toy cars across the aisle and excitedly decides to pick out her new vehicle. It is here the doll finds an Audi model and happily begins to drive it around the store.

However, when it comes time for the store to open again, the doll does not make it back to her spot in time. She is then stuck, frozen in the middle of the aisle.

A young boy comes to the store with his mother and sees the doll in the toy Audi. Excitedly, he exclaims that he wants the combination toy, but his mother explains that the two do not belong together.

The mother puts the doll back and allows the boy to take home only the Audi.

Text reading, ?Playing, just like driving, shouldn?t be a matter of gender,? appears as the clip fades to black. A narrator then says, ?What if we change the game this Christmas,? and viewers then see the boy happily grabbed the doll that he wants.

Interesting video
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