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Xerox releases new take on a classic Super Bowl commercial in midst of stock split

The spot was created to celebrate a new chapter business service company?s storied history, which goes back more than one hundred years. It also follows Xerox Corporation?s split into two distinct publicly traded entities?one that kept the company name, and one named Conduent Inc., which contains Xerox?s former business services unit.

"This objective of the media buy was to launch, with scale and impact, the 'new' Xerox using the 'Brother Dominic' film as a way of introducing how today?s Xerox helps to 'Set the Page Free,'" said Barbara Basney, vice president of advertising and media, Global Brand at Xerox."With the financial, investor and business decision makers as the target, we launched on January 4 with select TV networks and programs that provide strong reach against that audience. 

"Core to the media strategy was the utilization of a 360 degree approach with the selected partners, so that the traditional TV buy was augmented with digital, desktop and even connected TV. Layered throughout is the ongoing amplification from Xerox owned and social platforms."

Brother Dominic
Xerox?s Brother Dominic ad campaign became an instant classic when it first debuted on print and television, soon becoming one of the most famous Super Bowl advertisements of all time. 

In the commercial?s first iteration, Brother Dominic urned to the Xerox copier to duplicate manuscripts.

The new commercial shows that even the most Luddite institutions are not immune to the diversification of document management needs. This year, Brother Dominic must create 500 manuscripts in 35 languages, personalized and distributed across 7 continents. 

The new spot features him translating, personalizing and securely sharing his creation both physically and digitally across all Xerox-enabled devices, even printing his manuscript on a mug. 

Roll-out of the Brother Dominic advertisement includes 30- and 60-second television commercials and digital spots beginning in the U.S. The ads were created by Y&R NY and award-winning director James Rouse, and were inspired by the work of Allen Kay, creative director at Needham who created the original Brother Dominic commercial.

Xerox and Conduent
The company?s split was meant to streamline its business processes, and analysts have perceived this as good news?for the legacy firm, at least. Tuesday, as Conduent rang the opening bell at the New York Stock Exchange, Xerox Inc.?s shares rose by almost 20 percent. 

On the same day, Conduent?s shares fell by almost 8 percent.

Xerox recently joined the slew of companies leveraging hyperlocal, beacon-driven technology by introducing the Shop and Ride mobile application, which allows Hoboken, NJ commuters to receive relevant offers from 35 nearby merchants along their travel routes (see story).

And Revlon also made waves in the first few days of 2017 in announcing that Gwen Stefani will star in a variety of digital offerings as its newest global brand ambassador (see story). 

"On January 3, we successfully completed the separation of Xerox into two market-leading, publicly-traded companies," Ms. Basney said. "Xerox now operates as an $11 billion Fortune 500 company focused on digital print technology and services. 

"To support the focus and direction of the 'new' Xerox, we developed a new communications platform and advertising campaign," she said. "Our launch film 'Brother Dominic' takes a twist on a beloved and award-winning Super Bowl commercial from 1977. 

"It brings to life the campaign platform tagline 'Set the Page Free' by showcasing how today?s Xerox is innovating how the world communicates and works in new and unexpected ways that can be considered virtual 'miracles.'"