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Silver Jeans blurs the line between advertising and entertainment

Silver Jeans is blurring the line between advertising and entertainment content with a new branded romantic comedy Web series debuting on social media.

The series is called Love Below the Waist and follows the story of two pairs of jeans in their quest for love. The campaign goes beyond simple advertising by bringing on big-name TV talent and aiming for a more cinematic and atypical approach to advertising.

"Content IS advertising," said Beth Thouin, vice president of marketing at Acquisio. "What makes an advertisement successful is when it not only conveys a message to the consumer, but the consumer enjoys the ad experience."

Native advertising
In recent years, as marketers have begun to pour more and more resources and budgets into creating their marketing campaigns, the line between advertising and content has begun to blur.

Mobile can be thanked for this in part, due to its tendency to explode conceptions of what marketing can and cannot be.

More and more, marketers are relying on ?native advertising,? ads that blend in with the rest of the content customers regularly consumer in a more natural and seamless way.

Silver Jeans is one such company that is going full in on native advertising with a new Web series that seriously questions the line of where advertising ends and television begins.

The brand is launching a new Web series called Love Below the Waist. The series follows two pairs of jeans at a store and their ?journey of love.? 

The jeans are the star of the show

In episode 1, the jeans meet for the first time and have the standard meet-cute initial flirting that you would see in any standard romantic comedy.

In fact, the entire series plays off romantic comedy tropes in an attempt to lend it a legitimacy that many ads lack when it comes to providing actual entertainment.

Silver Jeans is attempting to give its campaign even more TV credibility by tapping creatives from the television world with experience working on shows such as This Is Us.

Romantic comedy
As streaming television has come to dominate pop culture and entertainment, it is no surprise that many brands are looking to the format for the blueprint of future ad campaigns.

Not only is this series from Silver Jeans aping talent from the TV world, it is taking the very structure of popular, serialized episodic storytelling.

This series is not just one ad, it is a series of ads that must be viewed together to get the full story. To offset the larger investment on the part of the consumer, Silver Jeans is keeping the brand message to a tasteful minimum, so as not to overload the consumer.

The series hits many of the common romantic comedy beats

Many brands are beginning to pour more time and effort into their video campaigns, such as a recent M&M?s short film that used fine art as a basis for the experience (see story). 

Pizza Hut has also made upping its video efforts a priority in the modern mobile era (see story).

As mobile continues to dominate consumers? digital lives and video ads become more elaborate, expect more campaigns such as this one to pop up in the future.

"In this format, brands turn product placement on it?s head and take control of the context," Ms. Thouin said. "When the storytelling is good and transparent, it shouldn?t matter that the story is branded. 

"Rather, it strengthens brand loyalty," she said.