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Tory Burch encourages women to #EmbraceAmbition in video campaign

Tory Burch is launching an ambitious social video series in honor of International Women?s Day and Women?s History Month that encourages viewers, particularly women, to embrace ambition as a positive characteristic.

The campaign seeks to reclaim the word ?ambitious,? and fight its use as a derogative for women. The brand is making use of the latest tactics in social and mobile video marketing to relay this message.

?While there are systematic impediments to women?s success in business, cultural mores are also to blame,? said Tory Burch, founder of the Tory Burch Foundation. ?In one of my first interviews, a reporter mentioned the word ?ambitious,? and I commented that the word annoyed me. 

"A friend of mine said, ?You should never shy away from that word.? She was right. I realized that I had bought into the stigma that women shouldn?t be ambitious ? that it was unattractive. That creates a harmful double standard that we must overcome in order to achieve equality.?

Tory Burch
While more and more women are entering the highest levels of business and politics, they are still underrepresented in many of these fields.

While societal changes have come in the largest sense, there are still undercurrents that work against women who seek higher offices.

One of the ways this manifests itself is in traits that are seen as positive in men being used as negatives for women, such as being assertive or demanding.

One such word is ?ambitious,? and Tory Burch is looking to combat its use as a pejorative through a new video campaign that recruits A-list actresses to talk about the importance of embracing ambition as a positive description of women.

The video series sees actresses such as Julianne Moore and Kerry Washington, along with Tory Burch herself and even men such as Jon Hamm, who all gather to talk about the importance of women not being afraid to embrace ambitious as a positive descriptor.

The videos will be distributed through mobile and social channels so as to reach the largest amount of people.

Women's Day
This campaign relies on two important marketing tactics that have a positive effect on brand messages that double as calls to social action.

For one, Tory Burch is calling on famous celebrities to endorse the campaign, giving an immediate and accessible face to the message for fans to latch onto.

Secondly, by using mobile and video in this way, Tory Burch is ensuring that the videos will be passed around on social media and reach a larger and younger audience.

Women?s History Month has seen a large number of video campaigns aimed at offering empowering messages to women. Brands such as 7-Eleven (see story) and Lenovo (see story) have all come out with their own variations on this theme.

Tory Burch?s campaign capitalizes on the growing desire for video content in a digestible, sharable way.

?Most women are ambitious, but many are afraid to show it,? said Laurie Fabiano, president of the Tory Burch Foundation. ?Our goal is for women to take a moment to think about whether they?ve been hiding their ambition and to question that.?