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Ubisoft click-to-play mobile video ads see 1.3 percent CTR

Ubisoft leveraged interactive mobile video and banner ads to promote both the Assassin?s Creed II console game title and its iPhone application. 

Running the campaign before, during and after the launch of Assassin?s Creed II, Ubisoft was able to drive users to its mobile application and achieve click-through rates as high as 1.5 percent. The campaign ran via the AdMob ad network.

Here is the campaign's interactive video ad unit:

?Our campaign to promote Assassin?s Creed II was truly innovative across all media channels,? said Jill Steinberg, senior director of media and promotions at Ubisoft, Montreal. ?We knew mobile would be an important component of our advertising strategy because of the engaged user base of mobile gamers.?

Ubisoft wanted to promote its new game title Assassin?s Creed II with a full-featured and engaging mobile advertising campaign.

The company was interested in reaching a mobile-gaming audience to promote its new game before, during and after launch.

Ubisoft wanted to engage mobile users via innovative and exciting ways, so it partnered with AdMob because of the range of mobile advertising strategies the ad network offered.

Here is Assassin's Creed 2 mobile experience:

In addition to promoting the console game title, Ubisoft developed an iPhone application for Assassin?s Creed II and it wanted to drive downloads of this application.

The company used AdMob?s new interactive video ads for iPhone, running the click-to-interactive-video format.

From inside the interactive video player users could click on Action Buttons driving them to the Assassin?s Creed mobile site or directly to the App Store where they could download the app and also to the Assassin?s Creed page on the mobile version of where users could purchase the console game right from their iPhone.

Here is another interactive video ad unit:

AdMob also ran text and banner ads on iPhone and WAP. Finally, AdMob connected Ubisoft with its exclusive publisher partner, TapTapRevenge, for a sponsorship that integrated the Assassin?s Creed II brand into this popular game, including an interstitial that displayed during application load.


  • AdMob drove over 172,000 users to the Assassin?s Creed 2 mobile experience 
  • CTR for banners as high as 1.5 percent 
  • Click-to-play interactive video CTR of 1.3 percent 
  • Average of three page views per visitor to the mobile site 
  • Drove over 5,900,000 users to from text ads 
  • Delivered >19,000 video views 
  • Interaction Rate with the Interactive Video Player?s Action Buttons: 5.4 percent 

?We selected AdMob as our mobile partner because of the broad range of brand advertising opportunities they offer including Interactive Video Ads and exclusive sponsorship opportunities, in addition to their tremendous reach and cost-effective combination of CPC and CPM media,? Ms. Steinberg said. ?We were very pleased with the level of service and results.?