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Nikon taps mobile to complement TV ad campaign

Nikon has turned its marketing energies towards the iPad with an ad program meant to complement the brand?s existing television campaign.

The camera manufacturer tapped Epic Media Group?s Traffic Marketplace division for the Flash-alternative rich-media ad campaign that leverages the capabilities of the iPad platform. 

?[Nikon] was able to garner click-through rates more than 10 times higher than average mobile or Web click-through rates on standard ad units,? said Charlie Black, general manager of Epic Media Group?s Integrated Traffic Management platform, New York.

Nikon is a multinational corporation headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, specializing in optics and imaging.

Traffic Marketplace is Epic Media?s digital marketing services arm.

In addition to running standard static ad units, Nikon also used an in-banner, 300x250 video ad unit. The unit was user-initiated and opened to full screen upon clicking.

The ads promoted Nikon?s CoolPix Zoom cameras.

Here is a screen grab of the banner ad:

Consumers that click on the ad are able to view a video. Once the video is finished, the consumer is served another banner ad:

When this ad is clicked on, consumers are routed to a page that has information on various Nikon CoolPix Zoom products.

The campaign underscores Nikon?s ability to be cutting-edge.

The strategy was to build off Nikon?s successful TV commercials through driving video views, brand awareness and user engagement on the iPad.

Here is the TV commercial, which is viewable via the iPad campaign as well:


The advertisements ran within the application for the iPad. Other brands advertising within the application are Lending Tree, The Los Angeles Times, 24-Hour Fitness and Travelocity.

?Nikon [was able to] move quickly to leverage the burgeoning iPad market,? Mr. Black said. ?This campaign was one of the first campaigns on the [iPad] device ? in fact, within about a month after the device was introduced.?