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Mobile Marketer's Mobile Outlook 2013

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Mobile sets the stage for evolving business models

The outlook for mobile advertising, marketing and media gets brighter by the year. Expect another stellar year as brands, retailers and agencies place marketing dollars where the eyeballs are: mobile.

Mobile-first will be the major buzzword this year, signifying how many marketers are beginning to shape their strategy and tactics from mobile up. While the term may seem rah-rah, it recognizes a tectonic shift underway in consumer consumption patterns, especially around content, media, advertising and marketing, entertainment, communications and commerce.

PC to BC
Brand side, it is obvious marketers are allocating bigger budgets to more sophisticated mobile plays that take advantage of the device?s native capabilities, be it Apple?s Passbook, geo-targeting, augmented reality, bar code scanning or location-reliant search. Having a mobile site and an application is no longer a badge of arrival. That is just the starting point for a mobile experience that begins on a smartphone or tablet and ends up in-store or on a call.

Expect email, text and mobile Web consumption, along with calls, to account for most of the mobile activity on devices. But also prepare to see a wholesale migration of tasks normally assigned to desktop and laptop computers to move over to smartphones and tablets.

Indeed, this is a year when the post-PC era unfolds in all its gory glory, taking down with it established business models. Under threat are companies that thrived under old-world conditions of fixed-place marketing and appointment content consumption. Emboldened consumers are going to rely even more on mobile to help their better live their work, home and play lives.

There will be winners and losers. Apple is out to replace the PC market with tablets. Samsung is out to replace the iPhone with its Galaxy S phone. Google?s Android is out to replace Apple?s iOS operating system. Apple is out to replace Google Search with Siri. EBay?s PayPal is out to replace credit cards as the face of mobile payments. Square is out to replace PayPal. New BlackBerry is out to replace old BlackBerry. Amazon is out to replace ? and displace ? everyone one of these companies mentioned. Microsoft seems to be sitting it out. Mobile and good execution will make it all possible, and this is the year when the air slowly leaks out of the tire.

In plain sight
Brands and retailers have little time to waste. Apple, Google, eBay?s PayPal, Amazon and Samsung are shaping consumer attitudes to marketing and media at warp speed. As a result, consumer patience with mobile sloth is wearing thin. Mobile excellence is becoming a prerequisite of maintaining consumer loyalty.

These insights percolate through the many articles in this guide penned by Mobile Marketer?s Chantal Tode, Rimma Kats and Lauren Johnson. Many thanks to them for their hard work on the reports. Special thanks to Rimma for her art direction on this Classic Guide. Also, thank-you to ad sales director Jodie Solomon and content assistant Kristina Mayne for their support.

Please read this guide cover to cover. The outlook for mobile advertising, marketing and media is bright, but this Outlook will tell you by how much.

Mickey Alam Khan

Please click here to download Mobile Marketer's Mobile Outlook 2013