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Screenvision, ABI Research, Soundbite Communications ? News briefs

Screenvision brings interactivity to the big screen
Screenvision has partnered with Hipcricket to bring interactivity to the movie-going experience through users? mobile devices.

Consumers can participate via SMS and play interactive mobile games during The Limelight period. Viewers who download the Screenfanz app can earn points redeemable for free movie tickets and snacks through the incentivized loyalty program.

The new initiative is proof that mobile is a great tool to engage consumers and transform the movie-going experience.

Smartphones will drive $20B in aftermarket accessory revenues in 2012
Smartphone accessory revenues are valued at $20 billion by 2012, according to a new study by ABI Research.

This will account for more than half of the $36 billion that all aftermarket handset accessories will product.

Additionally, by 2017, smartphone accessories will grow to $38 billion in revenues, while feature phone accessory revenues decline to $12 billion.

Mobile marketing outperforms traditional marketing initiatives
Mobile marketing is becoming a smart investment for companies and delivering a higher return-on-investment than traditional marketing programs, according to a study by Soundbite Communications.

The study surveyed key marketing executives at companies ranging from $100 million to $1 billion-plus in annual revenue across retail, consumer packaged goods, travel hospitality, media and financial services.

According to those surveyed 52 percent state mobile returns were higher while only 15 percent stated theirs to be lower.

The average ROI was 32 percent.

Average mobile transaction amount has increased by 9pc in last 3 months
Average mobile payment transactions are growing rapidly, with the most frequent purchases coming from in-game currency, donations, physical goods, and software downloads, per new research from Velti.

The company also found that the iPod touch gathers more impressions than all Android devices and edges out the iPad for impression volume.

According to Velti, Appl?e iOS has been the clear leader in impression volume.

The trend of the last 3 months continues, in which iOS widens its lead in impression volume from 55 percent last month to 59 percent in May.,